EDIC Moves Forward with Falmouth Station Improvements

Chef John P. Marcellino is heading into his second summer operating The Station Grill on Depot Avenue. As he readies his menu for the summer, members of the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation are working to improve the Falmouth Station where he runs his restaurant.

Mr. Marcellino’s summer lunch menu will expand with the addition of a cod sandwich, traditional quahog chowder and Jamaican curry chicken salad.

“We’re really trying to have a local theme. We’re trying to be the true taste of Falmouth,” he told the EDIC at its meeting on Tuesday, April 9. Nana’s lemonade—a recipe from Mr. Marcellino’s grandmother, born and raised in Harwich—will be available at the cafe. “The lunch menu this year is going to be fantastic,” he added.

Mr. Marcellino revealed the final design draft of a sign and logo for the Station Grill. It is a black sign with white lettering. Board administrator Lynn A. Broderick suggested he have the font widened to make the words stand out more. Mr. Marcellino plans to ask the board to add more signs in the coming months. However, he noted that he did not want too many. To read more of this article click here.

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