Falmouth Committees Discuss Form Based Zoning, Waste Water and Internet

The future development of Falmouth will require coordination. That was the consensus as selectmen and other town boards met at Falmouth Academy Saturday, January 26.

It was recognized that the Davis Straits Reset Study, the implementation of form-based zoning code, wastewater planning and the Route 28 roadway reconstruction project are interconnected. These matters and how they relate to one another were discussed by the Falmouth Board of Selectmen, planning board, zoning board of appeals, water quality management committee and economic development and industrial corporation.

Following the Davis Straits Reset Study, the planning board is developing a form-based zoning code for approximately 80 acres on Davis Straits, near the Staples building at 7 Davis Straits. Rather than regulate the use of property, form-based zoning regulates appearance. The goal is to encourage redevelopment of the area, transitioning it from a parking lot to a mixed-use development with retail space and housing. To read more of this article click here.

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