EDIC Considers Lyberty Green Eminent Domain Taking

The Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation is considering what action it can take regarding the Lyberty Green property on Main Street.

The property will be discussed at the November Annual Town Meeting. Per a petition by Marc P. Finneran of East Falmouth, Town Meeting members are being asked to authorize the board of selectmen to take the parcels of land associated with the project by eminent domain and develop a mixed-use project more in line with the character of Main Street.

Falmouth EDIC chairman Michael B. Galasso at its meeting Tuesday morning asked board members to consider substituting themselves for the selectmen as the entity purchasing the Lyberty Green property.

“I feel the project being proposed on that particular property is really going to be detrimental to our community,” Mr. Galasso said. “The developer hasn’t really listened to the community or comments that have been made.” To read more of this article click here.

Falmouth EDIC