EDIC Moves Forward with Two Feasibility Studies

Falmouth’s Economic Development and Industrial Corporation is moving forward with a feasibility study for a community-based fiber-optic network.

Last month the EDIC voted to commit up to $50,000 toward the study, which will assess existing service and demand for future service. It will also explore possible models for implementing a community-based fiber-optic network.

At the July 9 meeting, the EDIC voted Patti B. Haney, Michael B. Galasso, and Christopher Simmler onto a subcommittee to work in collaboration with proponents of the feasibility study.

The proponents of the study are residents who organized an informational meeting at the Falmouth Public Library in June. They received enough interest in exploring a community-based fiber-optic network at that meeting that they approached the EDIC for funding for a feasibility study. Arthur S. Gaylord, one of the organizers, said the study will take about about six months. The goal is to get the RFP out as soon as possible, to allow enough time to receive findings prior to spring Town Meeting. To read more of this article click here.

Falmouth EDIC