Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Land (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Langlais (T), Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

8:36 am
Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

8:36 am

8:37 am


Barbara Weyand, Falmouth Preservation Alliance,
Falmouth Railroad History Display

  • In the process of researching and writing about 9 of the stations on the Woods Hole branch.
  • She is consolidating the information into something concise that people will find interesting. It will be focused on the Falmouth Station as a destination venue.
  • This display itself is being funded with the Grant from Care for the Cape and Islands, a 501(c)3 that helps to keep the Cape historically and environmentally sound. 
  • This display will be vanished 10 times, to assist with the durability of the display. 
  • Weyand received an additional grant to frame the display in galvanized aluminum, so that it can be an outdoor display as it will be protected by the frame.
  • If the EDIC has a future interest in an additional display, there are other local stories can be told that are relative to the Station.
  • The next step is that Barbara will provide the copy and the design copy with create the display board.
  • 30” x 40” display, on a standalone piece.

8:31 am

  • Simmler advised that the CC Commission voted to approve the Development Agreement Extension.
  • Fox made a motion to accept the Development Extension.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor Passed.
  • Morin reminded the Board to calendar in the next long-term planning session, to consider what might be put in place of the Development Agreement, something that may be more customized to what is desired by the Tech Park Community.
  • Simmler mentioned a potential buyer for a property in the Tech Park, that the EDIC may have some sort of legal buy back option.  Fox said there is a clause in the agreement that states that the EDIC has the option to buy any lots not sold by a certain date for the original purchase price. 
  • Galasso advised that in the past the EDIC has been compensated for waiving this right of first refusal. Then this compensation is used to improve the Tech Park. He suggests the Board continue in this same manner.
  • Fox suggested this negotiation is done in an Executive Session.
  • Morin would like a presentation of facts from Laura Moynihan.
  • Simmler will ask attorney Laura Moynihan to investigate this matter, as well as historical actions of same, and advise the Board at the May Board meeting.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

  • Simmler advised he had a conversation with Frank Doherty from Peter Pan Bus Lines and reviewed several items.
  • Doherty is going to check to see if Peter Pan ever executed and signed the Tenant at Will Agreement with the EDIC.  If not, he will have it signed and forwarded to the EDIC.
  • Simmler asked Doherty to extend the Station hours, potentially to 7 pm, if the EDIC would make some considerations to them.
  • Doherty is interested in learning more about the Station operating budget.  Parking and café options were discussed to assist with revenue generating ideas to reduce expense.
  • Morin commented that Doherty has asked that the EDIC designate one person for Peter Pan to deal with regarding Falmouth Station issues and negotiations.  Morin suggested that Chris Simmler be this person.  Simmler agreed to do this.
  • Broderick presented the Survey/Comment Card document and holder.  Broderick to report on results noted on the survey forms each month.
  • Broderick advised Cape Light Compact inspected and sent a report to fund the replacement of all exterior LED light bulbs.  The cost to replace the light bulbs is $12K.  This will be funded totally by Cape Light Compact.
  • Cape Lights recommended that the water heater and heating boiler eventually be replaced due to the advanced age of these items. Broderick to obtain quotes for these items replacement for budgeting for next year.
  • Broderick advised she has been reaching out to local café owners as well as food trucks to obtain a food service at the Falmouth Station.  Many polite declines are the result.  Staffing is mentioned as the main reason for the decline.  The 2nd reason mentioned is the lack of kitchen equipment. There is a potential Food Truck provider interested, however, they must first obtain a Falmouth commercial prep kitchen before the Board of Health will approve a permit.  Brooks Bartlett will approach the Elks to see if their commercial kitchen could be an option.
  • Morin mentioned that the Board might consider a no-interest loan to assist with a kitchen addition to the Station.  Fox advised that very rarely does a landlord of a property provide any assistance for outfitting a kitchen on a property leased for restaurant or café use due to the large expense and the risk of the restaurant business model.
  • A brochure rack was added to the Station.  Content will be limited to specific items that will not compete with potential TV monitor advertisers.  The Chamber said they would assist with maintaining the rack contents.
  • Simmler recommends that the EDIC identify specific spaces for commuter parking for fee and explore how this process is to be managed.  Citing additional Station revenues need to be generated.  Galasso advised that the parking lot behind Mr. Kelly’s building is EDIC property and might be a good place to start with parking fees.
  • Land requested that Simmler provide a proposal for parking and fees at the next Board meeting.
  • Simmler’s early projections is that parking could generate $10 -$18K a year in revenues.
  • Bill Nies contacted Bikeways Committee and was told that a water station was not a priority location at this time. He is researching a 3’ x 6’ display case for the exterior of the building for the posting of local event notices.  Bill is looking into a storage unit to place near the train landing and is reaching out to local musicians to play for tips at the Station.  He contacted Falmouth Arts Alive regarding the Jazz Stroll and partnering with them for an event at the Station, as well, a cycling event and Road Race in Falmouth may be other opportunities.
  • Bill Nies suggested the formation of the Friends of Falmouth Station; kicking it off on May 5th, 3 - 5pm, for Cinco de Mayo.  Jim Fox offered to assist on forming a 501(c)3 organization.  Galasso suggested that this Friends of Falmouth group manage the Station in the future. 

Jim Fox
The EDIC is still on the Eversource wait list for access to the pipeline.

Chris Langlais  
The ground leases are now being reviewed by the Auditors.  They will either put them on the balance sheet or add them as a footnote.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financial data as of March 31, 2018.  Assets are $634K, with $496K in cash and $85 in real estate (cost value).  Liabilities are only for A/P in the amount of $13,283.73 and additional prepaid expense of $2,592.92.  Langlais referred to the warrant report and invoices and requested approval.
  • Simmler made a motion to approve the Warrant for $15,876.65.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor. Passed.

Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

  • Galasso handed out the memo he wrote that summarizes a detailed budget $230,900.
  • Galasso suggests the EDIC borrow the money to fund the project, and the merchants who connect to the system will pay back the loan with a surcharge on their monthly invoice.  Mass Development has a Tech Dollars program and they may consider a loan to the EDIC of $250K with an interest rate of 4.5% - 5%, for 7-10 years.  Galasso asked the Board for permission to proceed with discussions with Mass Development, and to come back to the next Board Meeting with terms and conditions to start the project.
  • Galasso said the EDIC would need to provide approximately 40 signed merchant contracts to Mass Development for them to consider a loan.
  • There are about 75-100 merchants/businesses on Main Street who could potentially enlist.
  • There will be an oversight fee paid to the EDIC to manage the project.
  • Open Cape will collect the surcharge fees from the merchants and make a monthly payment to the EDIC, to pay for the loan. 
  • Galasso advised after the loan is paid, the surcharges will continue, most likely reduced, but will remain an ongoing revenue source for the EDIC.
  • Land wanted to know if there would be additional infrastructure costs in the future.  Steve Johnston, from Open Cape replied no, the lifespan is approximately 40 years.
  • Steve Johnston from Open Cape said there is a real possibility that Woods Hole businesses, and East Falmouth businesses could be added to this Main Street project and added revenues will be gained by this.
  • Moran made a motion for the Board to approve that Galasso and Bartlett to begin discussions and negotiations with Mass Development and Open Cape for agreement terms and definitive numbers to bring back in a presentation to the EDIC Board.  Fox 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

Chris Land

Land advised that he has told VBikes to proceed directly with Town Manager for these discussions and negotiations. 

10:04 amam

A.    APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES  - To be executed at the next meeting.

B.    BOARD MEMBER TERM EXPIRATIONS - JUNE:  for Jim Fox and Chris Langlais.  Neither seeking to return to the Board.

o   Bartlett made a motion that Moran and Land to form a search and nominating committee.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

o   Fox suggested to reach out to Tech Park members.

OPEN MEETING LAW – Broderick reminded board members that all documents or exhibits brought to the meeting from members or guests, must be maintained in meeting minute files.

10:10 am
Review December 2016 Focus Group Report
Discuss Future Projects and Goals

10:14 am

A motion was made by Moran to adjourn the meeting.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

May 8, 2018,  8:30am


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