Committee Policy

Adopted: March 2015

PREAMBLE: The Falmouth Economic Industrial Corporation (FEDIC) is the Town of Falmouth’s primary agency responsible for creating and developing increased economic opportunities for both the present and the future.

The FEDIC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created in 1979 by Town Meeting and established in 1981 in accordance with Chapter 121C of the Massachusetts General Laws. The mission of the FEDIC is to increase business and industrial investment; expand opportunities to own, manage, and operate commercial and industrial enterprises; provide funding assistance; and increase job opportunities in the Town of Falmouth.

The FEDIC welcomes and encourages the pubic to actively participate in various activities of the organization. A good way to get involved is to volunteer for committee participation.

COMMITTEE FORMATION & MANAGEMENT: The formation of any committee of the FEDIC is subject to the majority approval of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall define the powers and activities (duties) of all committees. The committees shall operate under such authority and procedure as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, determine.

No committee shall commit the FEDIC on a question of policy, financial obligations or on matters of general public interest, without first receiving the authorization of the Board of Directors or its Chairman.

In consultation with the FEDIC Board of Directors, the Chairman has the responsibility and authority of creating standing and special committees to serve the interests of the EDIC and appointing interested individual volunteer members thereto.

Annually, the incoming or incumbent Chairman will review all committee assignments so as to familiarize him/herself of a committee’s purpose, committee participants, and current objectives. The Chairman may confer with the committee chair and fellow board members prior to making his/her findings, committee appointments, and determinations.

Committees of the FEDIC shall submit reports of their actions and condition to the Board of Directors upon request. All committee communications with the FEDIC’s leadership shall be through the committee chair to the FEDIC’s Chairman. Should the Chairman fail to address, resolve, or otherwise advance a committee objective, a committee chair may communicate with the Board of Directors, preferably with the Chairman’s knowledge. Only the Chairman or his/her designee may take a committee matter directly to the Board of Directors.

For insurance purposes, the FECID sanctions committee activities solely prescribed in its letter of committee formation and authorization.

Standing (Ordinary) – Permanent committees, often with prescribed authority to act, intended to consider without specific instruction all matters pertaining to a designated subject or matters of a certain class over a period of time.

Special (Select, Ad Hoc) – Temporary committees, instructed to consider a particular matter with authority to advise and/or recommend but take no action and dissolve upon completion of its assigned work.

Committee of the Whole – A committee comprised of the entire voting body of the FEDIC.

II. RECRUITMENT A Committee Interest Form shall be available at the FEDIC, which can be filled out at any time to express interest in serving on one or more committees. This file shall be updated as necessary and may be a point of reference from which to make appointments.

At a date to be determined annually by the Chairman, appointment of completed terms of office shall be considered at a regular meeting of the Board. Pending appointments, due to both completion of terms and vacancies, shall be considered together. If a vacancy occurs before this annual meeting, the appointment will be considered separately. Incumbents are asked to indicate in writing their interest in continuing to serve on the respective board or committee.

III. SELECTION To qualify for appointment to an FEDIC committee, an individual must be a person of good character with vested interest in the objective of the committee or be nominated by a board member for his/her unique qualifications.

Length of terms for standing committees shall be annual (1 year), unless otherwise specified or the Chairman has extended the courtesy of considerations.

At his/her discretion, the chair of each standing committee may forward the names of suggested individuals to fill vacancies to the Chairman.

VOTING PRIVILEGES: Appointed members of a committee have voting privileges within their respective committee.

The FEDIC Board chairman is a non-voting ex officio member of all committees.

Members of the FEDIC Board may attend meetings of any committee at their discretion for the purpose of maintaining good communication but do not have the privilege of voting.

Committee meetings can be recorded with concise notes taken. Minutes will be made available to the Chairman, with copy to the Clerk, electronically within two weeks after meeting date.

Each committee shall meet at least once annually with the Chairman to review issues and events of the past year. With adequate notice, the Board may call any committee to additional meetings.

Committees shall conduct business under Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition.

This policy will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted as and when deemed appropriate by the FEDIC board of directors.

Voted and Approved: March 10, 2015

Michael B. Galasso
FEDIC Chairman


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