The Falmouth Economic Industrial Corporation (Falmouth EDIC) is the Town of Falmouth’s primary agency responsible for creating and developing increased economic opportunities for both the present and the future.

The EDIC’s goal is a clean, diverse, economic climate that maintains and enhances Falmouth’s intellectual and creative capacities, work place opportunities, and natural resources.

The Falmouth EDIC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 1981 by a Falmouth Town Meeting vote, in accordance with Chapter 121C of the Massachusetts General Laws. The mission of the Falmouth EDIC is to increase business and industrial investment; expand opportunities to own, manage, and operate commercial and industrial enterprises; provide funding assistance; and increase job opportunities in the Town of Falmouth.

With the support of the Town, the Falmouth EDIC has generated new, quality jobs by improving the infrastructure supporting industry in Falmouth. Its accomplishments began with the creation and development of the Falmouth Technology Park. More than a dozen companies in the 106 acre park provide approximately 400 jobs in Falmouth.

The Falmouth EDIC continues its efforts to diversify the local economy. It has created and is developing the Raymond Business and Technology Park in North Falmouth. The park, with land purchased in 2003, has successfully developed into the home of numerous technology, office, and medical businesses.

Our Mission

To attract, advocate and support economic vitality and seek to constantly improve the business climate in Falmouth.

Our Vision

Falmouth is flourishing economically. The Town is a role model for the Region because the EDIC proactively selects and delivers forward thinking and ecologically minded business projects that produce positive, sustainable economic impact to the Town.

Our History

The Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) was established on April 7, 1981 , for the purpose of improving local economic conditions and to promote private employment opportunities for Falmouth residents. The EDIC Board is interested in expanding its role in economic development and views Affordable Housing as a major component of the Town of Falmouth’s continued economic stability.

The EDIC is the developer and manager of the highly successful Falmouth Technology Park; a 106-acre park dedicated to technology related and light industrial development. The EDIC executed a Development Agreement with the Cape Cod Commission, which allows construction in Falmouth Technology Park to occur without review as individual Developments of Regional Impact. The Park as a whole has developed in a manner consistent with the Regional Policy Plan for Cape Cod.

The EDIC is also the developer and manager of the new Raymond Business and Technology Park, a twenty-acre parcel located in North Falmouth. The EDIC has taken on an active interest in Affordable Housing including acting as facilitator on 704 Main Street, a 58-unit family housing development in downtown Falmouth and a 24-unit family development adjacent to Raymond Business and Technology Park on Edgerton Drive.


Our Projects

Falmouth Station Restoration
Rehabilitation of the Historic Falmouth Station located at 59 Depot Avenue in Falmouth.
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Doing Business in Falmouth

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
Employs approximately 1,200 people, including more than 500 scientists, engineers, ship's crew and technicians.      
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