Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox
Absent:  Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda.  None come forward.

Paul Dugas, Integrity Ocean Systems

Small Business Owner in Falmouth, MA

  • An electrical engineering firm in the Falmouth Tech Park.
  • In September 2001 started business.
  • n 2015 moved to Falmouth Tech Park.
  • Does manufacturing and fabrication of sensors for oceanographic community.
  • Builds current meters, testing calibrating, repairs, etc.
  • Makes circuit board manufacturing.
  • Thinking about expanding the business.
  • Move to Falmouth Tech Park was to present a more professional image.
  • Biggest hurdle is housing – need more affordable housing for potential new employees, work pool is difficult/scarce, and that small businesses being bought by larger businesses. 
  • A place to get coffee or lunch in the Tech Park would be helpful.

India Rose, Chairwoman of Board, CEO, Inc.  
Summer Service Training Program

  • Support new small local business and entrepreneurs. Women and Youth components.
  • Absorbed another organization – Women Empowered.  Merged with them.
  • CS Certification Program – training workers (students) to prepare them for work at local businesses.
  • Program was very successful and measureable.  Everyone was required to participate. 
  • 33 Businesses at the April 29th Job Fair – all were part of the CS training program.
  • Businesses struggling also on MV – housing unaffordability, lack of talent, lack of employees, stores empty, store fronts changing/moving, expense of living on MV.
  • It was very successful.  Helped participants as well as local business owners.
  • She pitched it out at Falmouth Schools.  Not possible to do it all immediately, but could start the training portion with the children. 
  • They are a 501 (c) 3.  Funded grants, donations, fund raising.
  • Incentive to start program in Falmouth – $2,000 - $3,000 to bring into schools, 2nd part would be in the fall – to create the job clearing house to match students/workers with local employers.

The board agrees the EDIC should use their website to promote this opportunity.  Galasso thinks this is important to our economy.  He wants Board to think about providing some financial support to this business.  Moran asked for India to provide a proposal to do this training in the Falmouth schools this year.  India to come to the June Board Meeting with a plan.  

Laura Moynihan, Attorney at Law
EDIC Eminent Domain Powers

  • EDIC does have the power of eminent domain under the Mass General Laws.  General principles apply to EDIC as well as any other public body. 
  •  Those are 5th amendment principles.  Four criteria must be present:
    1. Private property is involved.
    2. The taking must be for public purpose or use by the public.
    3. Just compensation.
    4. Relocation if needed.
  • The EDIC does has authority under State statues to take property by eminent domain a public purpose, to carry out the provisions of the EDIC and if needed to provide for the relocation of persons/businesses that may be displaced due to some economic development plan by the EDIC.
  • Chapter 79 defines time periods, procedures for notice, etc. This would need to be exactly followed.
  • Requires a 2/3 vote of Town Meeting.
  •  A Public Hearing would have to be held before Town Meeting.
  • The Dept. of Housing and Community Development Director would need to be consulted beforehand.
  • The Massachusetts Office of Business Development would need to be consulted before the process could start.
  • The DHCD encourages open negotiations with the private property owners.  Eminent domain power should be a last resort.  Direct damages are typically the aware equaling value of the property being taken, determined by appraisal.  There are a lot of procedures to be taken.
  • Eminent domain can be contested and there can be litigation.
  • The first step is understanding the value of the property.  The next step is developing an economic development plan for a public purpose.  The third step is reviewing the plan with State officials and DHCD. 
  • Tech Park – Laura made a suggestion for a type of virtual office.  A common or cooperative office space for small businesses or workers to use with conference rooms, café, copy center, offices for summer use.  A great use of property for the community.

Chris Simmler

  • May 18th – pendant lights going up, painting is being finished, custom benches done, front walk done, front benches being installed, molding at top ofbuilding ready to go up. 
  • Tree clearing walk thru with Contractors done.  Bids are due next Monday for work. 
  • Mass DOT to extend contract to Aug. 31st. 
  • No date for the end of opening ceremony yet – aiming toward sometime the last week of July.
  •  Interactive Sign for inside Bus Station – proposals are being gathered.
  • Walk thru with State Building Inspector last week for a temporary occupancy permit.
  • Peter Pan to move back in May 22nd.
  • Canopy coming in late June.
  • Landscaping in front of Station stills needs to be done.
  • Alarm Monitoring – Wayne Electrical Alarms proposal/contract was provided and reviewed. 
  • Galasso asked for a motion for the approval of the proposal from Wayne Electrical Alarms for the security and fire alarm system for the Falmouth Station.  Moran moved, Fox 2nd the motion.  Moran made a motion to accept the proposal from Holmes & Grath to work on and provide a plan on land development and parking.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Café RFP – advertised in the Enterprise and Town Hall – waiting to see if any response generated.
  • Moran made a motion to accept Café RFP for a Café space at the Falmouth Bus Station with a lease term change to be left undefined, and to add qualification section. Langlais 2nd the motion.  All in Favor.  Passed.
  • Parking Lot Design Contract – Holmes and McGrath was consulted regarding a parking area on the 1.5 acre land adjacent to the Station.  H & G advised it would be $3,300 plus expenses to survey the land and provide a plan for parking that will not take down a lot of trees, and without asphalt.  Fox believes that this could be a good revenue service for us.  He has spoken to the Peter Pan Station Mgr., a contractor for PP, to work with us on this by supervising this parking/sticker project.  They could buy parking stickers/passes from the PP staff for both current and new parking spots.  Galasso mentioned we would need permission from Mass DOT.  Moran mentioned additional insurance requirements it may incur which need to be considered.
  • Moran made a motion to accept the proposal from Holmes & Grath for $3,300 to work on a survey and provide a plan on land development and parking.  Simmler 2nd the motion.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Fox is beginning the process of renegotiating the lease with Peter Pan for this coming year.

Jim Fox

  • Thursday, May 11th at 2 pm.  is the Celebration of the Landfill, Solar Field project.  Joe Kennedy, the Chairman of Citiizens Energy to be there, as well at Town Mgr. and Selectman.
  • Phase II – Will not be viable with current State Recoverable Tax Credits available at this time.  We cannot get onto the electrical network – as it has reached a maximum level of usage.  To tie into it we need a tremendous amount of infrastructure added – cost of $1M.
  • Rent from Citizens should be coming in quarterly.  No rent received yet.  Fox to follow up

Chris Langlais

  • No new update.
  • Galasso sees the operations management of Landfill/Solar with the Real Estate sub-committee.
  • There’s a need for the Real Estate sub-committee to meet once a month, and to update the board at the monthly board meetings.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of May 9, 2017.  Total assets $1.63M, include $1.165M in real estate holdings, $316K in cash deposits.  Liabilities include $228K in AP.
  • Warrant – presented for $230,029.61 includes the AP plus $1,868 previously paid items.
  • Galasso requested that the RKG Assoc. invoice for $7,125 continue to be held.
  • Moran made a motion to approve the warrant.  Seconded by Simmler.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Falmouth Station – Made 9 reimbursement requests to the Mass DOT totaling $ 912,528.  8 of the 9 requests for payment have been received. The 9th payment is due by end of May for $215, 415.86. The 10th reimbursement is in process which will include the $208K Whittaker invoice.  We have spent about $1.2M of the $1.4M budget.
  • Town of Falmouth’s auditor wants to do an Audit of EDIC.  EDIC needs to contact our Town Administrator to have them contact the Town’s auditors, and invite to come in to explain why they need to audit us.
  • Moran thinks we need to first find out who is to pay for the audit.  Moran to ask the Town Manager who is to pay for this and what is required for the audit.

Chris Simmler

  • Carol McLeod Design on the design of two Tech Park Signage concepts.  Still in progress.  Update will be available for the June meeting.
  • Galasso feels the Tech Park is an important part of the EDIC mission, and needs to be focused on.  Galasso wants a better handle on who is there, how much sq. ft. is built, how much is occupied and how much is vacant.  Holmes and McGrath can assist with research for about $650.
  • Galasso requested a Motion to spend up to $1,200 with Holmes & McGrath for a site plan, and develop a plan.  Moran moved for the motion, Simmler 2nd.  All in Favor.  Passed.
  • Simmler is in conversation with the YMCA about considering the Tech Park for a new location.

Brooks Bartlett

Brooks went to Pitch Contest event with Lynne Broderick in New Bedford.  To be continued at the next board meeting.

Michael Galasso

  • Waiting for Mike Goodman to produce a proposal on if there will be a fee associated with him to review the study.


A.   APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES - A motion was made by Moran to approve the April Meeting Minutes.  It was 2nd by Fox.  All in favor.  Passed.
B.  EDIC Office Use and Rent Payments - nothing new to report.  Still needs to speak to Frank Duffy.
C.  Administrator Report – Galasso requested an approval from the board to increase Lynne’s hours due to extra work required with Station and other property management issues.  Need to discuss with Lynne plans for her role in the future.  Moran made a motion to add 8 hours per week, 2nd by Simmler.  All in favor.  Passed.


  • Fox has invited a solar company to June’s meeting.
  • Simmler - New Senior Center – EDIC to help manage this project, as a project manager.  Moran to bring up to Town Manager.  OPM – Owners Project Management.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


  • Residential Solar Company – June.
  • Stacie Peugh – YMCA – June.


A motion was made by Moran to adjourn the regular session meeting.  It was seconded by Langlais and unanimously approved.

June 13, 2017, 8:30am


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