Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda.  None come forward.

Michael Galasso

Michael presented a PowerPoint slide show presentation of the status of the Falmouth Bus Station.  He reminded everyone of the original Scope of Work, to be clear on objective.  The original plan was modified due to budget restrictions i.e. AC removed from the plan.

  • A lot of changes done since the project began due to historical commission comments, in particular - indoor changes - redoing the vestibule and the office for the Peter Pan area.
  • Another significant change was replicating the outdoor cornices as they were when the structure was first built.  The ones in the original plan weren’t the same scale. 
  • Though the project was not intended to be a historical replication, we have tried to get it as close as possible to the original look. 
  • Many of the changes were paid for using the “contingency account”.  Money was put back in the project as time when on.  Many things could have been done as drawn/planned, with savings maintained in the contingency fund, but instead this money was put back into the building whenever possible.
  • Electric hand dryers were installed, instead of the planned paper towel holders.
  • Whenever possible, the EDIC would purchase items for installation (like the hand dryers) and have them delivered to the site, vs. having the Contractor purchase them.  This was done to ensure the best price was achieved for the item, without a markup.
  • The pendent lights have not yet been selected by the EDIC.  Still searching for lights that resemble the original lighting in the building.
  • One of the changes recommended by the Historical Commission is the Canopy over the front doorway.  Now replicating an awning that was originally on the building, vs. repairing or replacing the one that was in place when the renovation began.  The new Canopy is being made in FL and won’t be completed until late June or July 2017.
  • Working on the signage.  The structure originally had the Falmouth Station engraved in concrete directly onto the building.  The concrete is no longer there.  However, the sign will be same type of lettering, in stainless steel and placed in the same spot above the doors.
  • The Peter Pan office was changed to blend more with the historical appearance of the building, versus the originally planned standard, modern look.
  • From a budget perspective, we are over in some categories: Architectural, Civil Engineering, Septic System and Temporary facilities (trailer for Peter Pan).
  • The goal is for the building to be completed by May 18th so Peter Pan can move it, and we can stop making payments on the temporary trailer.
  • We are just beginning to focus on Landscaping.  First thing is to clean up and remove all the trees in the railroad right of way and put in a river stone walkway.  This will be put out to bid.
  • The trees will be replaced with other local shrubs and plantings and rocks.
  • Michael requested assistance with selecting a Landscaper and foliage/plantings.
  • Fox asked if the Engineer has provided a layout plan for additional parking – as was discussed and funding approved a couple months ago.  Galasso advised this has not been started yet.  He will follow up.
  • Land inquired on the Café RFP.  Galasso advised Simmler and Broderick have created one, and he needs to review it and then get it out to everyone to look at.
  • Land inquired if we have investigated donations for “naming rights” as we are tax exempt.  Galasso said not yet, but it’s a great idea i.e. artistic bricks or plaques. 
  • This is just phase 1 of the Falmouth Station project – to get it operational and renovated.  We still have another acre of land to create more parking or future development.
  • One of the last big things to look at is the outdoor bricks on the building.  The bricks are sealed with a substance that is not a very good sealant, and doesn’t allow the brick to breath which is causing white spotting.  To put on a new sealant, the old must be stripped off.  At that time, the white spots can be dealt with.  It’s not in the budget. 
  • Simmler inquired as to Galasso’s confidence in achieving the May 18th completion date.  Galasso advised the delays have more been caused by us and the changes we’ve made.  Galasso thinks the Contractor has done a good job.  He is confident he has everything in order that he needs to make the May 18th completion date.
  • Simmler inquired on the date and plan for the Grand Opening Ceremony.  Galasso is open to the Boards discussion about it, however, he prefers to wait until the Canopy arrives and the landscaping is done.
  • Fox suggested that Chris Simmler take over as Project Manager, allowing Galasso to step back and Supervise the overall completion of the project.  Fox stated that Galasso has taken on a lot of the work himself, vs. sharing the load with the rest of the Board.  Fox wants to get involved with Café and the Peter Pan lease.
  • Chris has been waived for a conflict of interest and approved as Project Manager by the Selectman.  This is his expertise.
  • Fox made a motion to have Chris Simmler become Project Manager for the Falmouth Bus Station, retaining Michael Galasso as the main person in charge to supervise/oversee the project.  Sue Moran seconded the motion so a discussion could ensue.
  • Galasso feels there are too many things in motion, that it would take more time to transition it, than it would be to simply finish the work within the next month.  He stated that a change at the last minute would not be beneficial.  But adding people to specific responsibilities such as the café, lease and landscaping, would be beneficial.
  • Moran said she seconded the motion because it was a better model for this type of public project.  We need to change the model from a single person managing a project, when the project is big, detailed, extensive.  It was too big to keep the public and the board apprised of the progress regularly.  Moran would like an update presentation - weekly, like today’s.
  • Chris Simmler felt his experience in the Public Sector, and his relationship with the Mass DOT, assist in completing this project beneficially and expediently.
  • Susan Moran would like to see more reporting to the public and the state, as she has received some comments regarding this from those sources.
  • Galasso is concerned about availability of new persons involved as there many small decisions that need to be made within the short period of time to complete the project.
  • Fox stated that due to changes and missing information about the Station, it is not possible to put together a lease until some information is made available.  We need to revise the operating budget, as the current one is 3 years old. The Leases need to be structured around the budget and operating costs.  He is ready to move on this.
  • Fox reiterated his Motion.   Land seconded.  Vote was asked for.  Bartlett abstained.  All other board members approved.  Motion passed.

Guest Speakers
Barbara Weyand, Falmouth Preservation Alliance
Barbara brought a markup for the proposed historical wall hanging displays.  She is working with the Cape Cod Historical Railway Association to obtain information about the Cape Cod railways.  The display tells the story about this branch of the railway which went all the way to Woods Hole.  A discussion about placement of the wall hanging took place.  The Board liked the design.  Barbara made an additional comment that it is imperative to integrate and manage committees in relation to the Station project to be successful and efficient.

Leslie Richardson, Cape Cod Commission
Leslie presented the Davis Straits Area Study findings.  A copy of the final report can be found on the above referenced website, under Initiatives/ Economic Development (RESET) Projects/ Davis-Straights, Falmouth – RESET.  Galasso thanked Leslie for the vision of this area of redevelopment.  Galasso asked if there was a second phase of planned redevelopment under discussion for the area between Shore Road and Scranton Avenue.  Leslie advised there has not been any requested from the Town of Falmouth to study this.  Fox advised he’s been told during Planning Board meetings that it takes decades to redevelop an area; to be patient as plans are in the works.  Fox reported that the Planning Board was directed by the Town to grow and redevelop in the village centers, and where public transportation and sewers are.  Early planning meetings are in process with property owners.

Chris Langlais

Chris advised the budget is $1.4M.  To date requested 7 reimbursements from Mass DOT; 5 have been received in the total of $260K; reimbursement 6 & 7 will be for $340K; reimbursement 8 is another $150K.  All totaled spent $580K, and there is $820K remaining in the budget.  About halfway thru the budget, as well as the project.

Jim Fox

  • Fox advised the power was finally turned on 2 weeks ago. 
  • Tentative date of May 11th at 2pm for the Grand Opening celebration.
  • Money is flowing…about $40K a month right now coming to the Town.
  • Expecting to earn $700K per year in the future, conservatively.
  • This project cost the Town of Falmouth nothing.
  • EDIC is paid by rent - $60K a year for the first five years.  All energy saving money goes to the Town.

Chris Langlais
Had the Accountant add our Lease Hold Interest on the Bus Station to our balance sheet.  They will address when tax season is over.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of March 31, 2017.  Total assets $1.63M, include $1.165M in real estate holdings, $274K in cash accounts.  Liabilities include $32K in AP.
  • Warrant – presented for $215,265 includes the AP plus $2,890 previously paid items.
  • Galasso requested that the RKG Assoc. invoice for $7,125 be held for discussion.
  • Langlais made a motion to approve the warrant.  It was seconded by Fox to approve.  It passed unanimously.
  • Reimbursement request #9 was sent to MassDOT for $215,415.86.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler is working with Carol McLeod Design on the design of two Tech Park Signage concepts.  She provided a proposal.  Simmler made a motion to accept the proposal for $6,300 for Carol McLeod Design and engage her services.  Motion was second by Bartlett.  Unanimously approved.
  • Galasso mentioned there is a $20K budget for the Tech Park development. 
  • Galasso mentioned we have unfinished work at the Tech Park.  We need to find out much undeveloped and vacant square footage is there.  He believes it is important to success in attracting businesses to the Park. 
  • Simmler mentioned the YMCA is looking for a site of about 10-12 acres.  He is speaking with them about looking at sites in the Tech Park.

Brooks Bartlett

Brooks is going to a Pitch Contest event next week in New Bedford with Lynne, and will have an update after this.  Bartlett mentioned a Pitch Contest Contestant from Falmouth who won at the Fall River Pitch Contest, that was featured in the Falmouth Enterprise.

Michael Galasso

Michael received a report draft from Judy Barrett, who is no longer with the company.  Galasso was unfamiliar with forecasting software.  Sent the report to Michael Goodman, the Exec. Director of Public Policy at UMass Dartmouth.  He is going to take a look at it and will provide a recommendation or proposal as necessary.  An expense for this will be determined.

Holly Wilson, the Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee asked if it made sense that she as well as the CPC be involved as they asked for this study to be done.  Additionally, if an expense is incurred perhaps they could share with funding from the Affordable Housing group.  Galasso provided both Holly and Virginia copies of the report for their comments.  Galasso said the report as it is, does not seem complete and we need to wait until it is reviewed, verified and understandable before releasing it to the public.  Holly asked Jim Fox for the Affordable Housing to be included with the group he is forming to discuss the local plan of the Davis Straights housing study. 


  • APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES – A motion was made to approve both the February and March Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded and all approved with the exception of Chris Simmler – who abstained as he was absent from the meetings.
  • EDIC Office Use and Rent Payments  – Nothing new to report.  Still using the office without rent.  He has information into Frank Duffy to see what next steps are.
  • Administrator Report – The Presentation Synopsis document is complete and handed out.  Chris Land explained that all presenters will complete and return it to a member of the board in advance of the meeting, so that the board members can evaluate the information in advance.  Additionally, this form will align and focus the presentations on the EDIC Mission. 


  1. Retreat – Galasso asked if anyone had reviewed the retreat results.  Copies were handed out and it was agreed to discuss at the next meeting.
  2. Eminent Domain – to be discussed at the May Board Meeting.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


  • Bring a Business Owner – Galasso – Wants to improve the connection and engage with the community.  Idea is for each month a board member would bring a business person to the board meeting, that the FEDIC could help grow their vision and meet business goals.  The business person would talk about their business and their business needs and how we may be able to help.  Galasso will invite the first business guest from the Tech Park, for the May Board Meeting. 
  • Coonamessett Farmer Foundation – Galasso – Coonamessett Farmers are interested in doing some agricultural work that the FEDIC may be assist with i.e. grants, etc.


A motion was made by the chairman to adjourn the regular session meeting.  It was seconded and unanimously approved.

May 9, 2017, 8:30am


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