Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land
Absent:  Susan Moran, Chris Simmler (C)

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  



Leslie-Ann McGee, Assistant Director, Center for Marine Robotics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst., Woods Hole, MA  

  • Land advised the center is supported by a State grant.  Idea being a single center to coordinate industry outreach in MA and around the world, and to develop industry partnerships.
  • It is a member based organization, i.e. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.
  • Created to foster a thriving marine robotics community.
  • Hope to apply new robotic technologies to some of our great science and industry challenges.
  • Hope to derive funds for research, but also want to foster a community, or ecosystem.
  • Smaller companies are also included, they have an annual entrepreneur forum every July; bringing their big and small business members and entrepreneurs together to form relationships and collaborate.
  • The state investment was $5M, over 5 years, thru the Mass Technology Collaborative.
  • Pressure Test Facility on campus is aging and is replacing it with a new one.  Making a $1M investment in their Offshore Coastal Observatory.  Also building a robotics test tank.
  • In the next 8 years, they expect to replace dock infrastructure, in phases, if funding if found.
  • Maine robotics is more than the underwater vehicles, also includes component parts: battery technology, cameras, sensors, propulsion systems, etc. 
  • Starting a joint Master Programs in Robotics, in addition to the P.H.D. Program joint with MIT.  Developing a bidding scientist engineer program.  All economic development programs.
  • Trying to make it easier to work with/at WHOI; easier appointments, classes, cruise participation, etc.
  • DunkWorks – Formal grant name is Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing Center.  Looking at how to bring visual reality into design, testing and integration, model vehicles in 3D space, visualize science data in a 3D space. Only open 60 days to internal members, 60% outfitted/spent.  $784K out of $5M grant.  Opening to external members in September. Trying to provide an environment where peer to peer learning from each other can take place.
  • Leslie-Ann offered tours of DunkWorks to the EDIC Board membership.
  • Housing is an issue for WHOI students and visiting scientists.
  • 40+% of work at WHOI organization as whole are looking at Global Warming.  Perhaps as high as 70% of all projects arguably could be said to include some element of global warning research.

Holly Wilson, Chair, Falmouth Affordable Housing Committee 

  • Falmouth is out of balance in housing.  Complicated due to retirement and seasonality.
  • Affordable Housing submitted to CPC for money for a housing coordinator and update the housing product plan.  On hold - waiting for interviews to take place.
  • Planning and coordination of effort is haphazard and lacking in organization.
  • Went to CPC asking to co-host a Housing Stakeholders Meeting; they were not comfortable with this idea.  Wants to know if Michael Galasso would co-host this meeting – on October 2nd.
  • Expect that developers and bankers to be part of the Stakeholders Meeting.
  • Wants to see young professionals and young people newly out of college, can afford to work and live here.
  • Would like to understand what the EDIC can do to assist with this issue.  How to obtain funding for land and to build affordable housing.
  • Galasso said that the EDIC could be part of a Stakeholder Meeting, and possibly play a role in acquiring property for affordable housing.  Emphasis needs to be on building, or refurbishing, or acquiring housing units.
  • A motion was made to co-host / co-sponsor the Stakeholder Meeting on October 2nd by Land.  It was seconded by Bartlett.  Fox opposed.  All the rest in favor.  Passed.

Michael Galasso

  • Project basically finished.
  • Grand re-opening went very well, and well attended.
  • Operational things coming up that will need to be addressed i.e. solar on roof, car charging station, train car on premise. 
  • Public has been expressing appreciation the work done there.
  • Used all the MassDOT funding and used some of the $165K we earned for the project management.
  • Galasso in discussion with potential Café vendor.
  • Bartlett has another vendor that would like to quote on the Cleaning Service.
  • The original cast iron heating stove at the Falmouth Station, built in 1868, was being stored at the Eastman’s Hardware Store basement.  It has been moved to Simmler’s house, awaiting to be refurbished.  The intent is to put it back into the Station.
  • Simmler requested a Facility Manager for the Falmouth Station – to oversee the operation.  To discuss at a later meeting.
  • Awning on the way from Florida.  This is the last piece of work to be completed by the contractor.
  • Full 1.4M requested from MassDOT.  We’ve received 10 of the 12 reimbursement requests.
  • $1.52M was full price of Station renovation.
  • Station video screens installed and media players to be installed.  They need to connect to internet.  Rise Engineering will program the screens so bus schedules and advertising, etc. will be on them.
  • Fox advised that the first step in the Parking project, is to complete the lease with Peter Pan, as they will need to be part of a joint venture to manage the parking lot.  The lease to Peter Pan has been drafted and delivered to them – which is based solely on operating costs.  When we obtain other tenants, then the lease with Peter Pan will be adjusted so that all operating costs will be shared by all tenants.
  • Land suggested a Food Cart or Food Truck operation to begin with, to keep development and investment expense down. 
  • Fox requested we obtain RFPs for fencing, landscaping, paving and parking lot development.
  • Galasso suggested that we research what resources may be available to help fund the parking lot development project.
  • Galasso suggested we invoice Peter Pan for past operating costs, since the time they moved in on/around Memorial Day.  We should send itemized list of expenses to Peter Pan each month.
  • Fox advised we are not perusing the Community Solar Project - $30K to put solar on roof of the Station.  Town of Falmouth was not in favor of this, until the State resolved the financial issues regarding this program and its’ incentive component.

Jim Fox

Touched base with Citizens Energy to build next 2 megawatts at landfill - cost is $1M to upgrade the circuits to get onto grid.  If the wind turbines to come down, they could free up capacity, and we could possibly build without paying Eversource to upgrade the system.

Chris Langlais
Requested an agenda item for next board meeting on Facility / Property Mgr. for the various EDIC properties.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of July 31, 2017.  Total assets are $1.495M, include $1,166M in real estate, $269K in cash.  Expecting 2 reimbursements from MassDOT within the next couple of months.  Liabilities are $24,325. including AP and prepaid items of $13,112.

  • Warrant – presented for $37,433.14.

  • Langlais to double check invoices and payments to Eat Your Heart Out Catering, as there may be a check on warrant for something already paid by EDIC Debit Card.

  • A motion was made by Bartlett to approve the warrant, 2nd by Land.  All in favor.  Passed.

Chris Simmler / Michael Galasso

  • Board approved Simmler’s request to proceed with RFP for Tech Park signs to be bid out.

  • Once prices have been defined, the board will decide on which ones to proceed with.

  • Landscaping at Tech Park to be bid out.

  • Build Out Study completed - built out 40% of space.  Much left to be done, including a marketing plan.  To be discussed at a following meeting.

  • Galasso wants to discuss at the next meeting forming an industrial business district. Property owners to contribute to a fund to take care of maintenance, marketing, promotion of the park.

  • Galasso advised we have had no updates from the Aquatics Center or YMCA regarding interest in Tech Park residency.

  • Fox advised there was a conference call tomorrow with Aquatics Center and Simmler.

  • Water tower and swamp are the only properties owned by EDIC.  EDIC will speak to owners of properties to see if any are available for lease or purchase. 

Brooks Bartlett

Nothing to report.

Brooks Bartlett

  • Discussed with Steve Johnson.  Objective to bring parties involved in Falmouth together, and have a joint discussion/meeting.  Putting a list of attendees together. 
  • Only 3% of people responded to their online survey.
  • Galasso stated that the EDIC needs to assist promoting Open Cape.
  • Galasso suggested that Open Cape connect into the Falmouth Station, to use as a demonstration site.  Bartlett to discuss with Open Cape and have an update next month.
  • Galasso believes connecting/expanding it in the Tech Park, at a reasonable cost would help to market the Tech Park.  

Michael Galasso

No update.


  • APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES – A motion was made by Fox to approve the July 11th Meeting Minutes.  It was 2nd by Langlais.  All in Favor.  Passed.

  • EDIC Office Use and Rent Payments  –  Galasso met with Frank Duffy - attorney.  Will identify a separate space for EDIC; a co-working space with Galasso’s office.  A lease needs to be drawn up between EDIC and M. Duffany.

  • Administrator Report – Broderick has resigned her position.  Galasso does not see a need to replace this position now.  New person needs property

  • management experience.


Nothing discussed.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


  • Fox to invite Mark from Longfellow Building Design to attend the next Board Meeting.

  • Discussion of Tech Park Signage and bids.

  • Discussion of forming an Industrial Business District for the Tech Park.

  • Discussion of a Property/Facilities Manager for land and lease holdings.


A motion was made by Fox to adjourn the session, 2nd by Langlais.  All in Favor.  Passed.

September 12, 2017, 8:30am


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