Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Langlais (T), Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  



Mark Bogosian, Owner, Longfellow Design Build, Falmouth MA.

  • Started business in Boston. After a few projects in Falmouth, decided to work here, and moved business to Falmouth.
  • Opened showroom in Falmouth and Longfellow does everything in house: architects, several designers, framers, excavation finish carpenters, plumbers, and electricians all on staff.  Staff 65 -70 people.  Many moved to Falmouth from other areas.  80% live in Falmouth now.
  • Opened showrooms in Osterville and Chatham, since.
  • Concept is to work and partner with client – start to finish.
  •  Longfellow is breaking ground a mixed-use space building on property on the corner of Nye Road and Main Street. 
  • Working closing with the town and community to develop property in Falmouth, and on Main Street will be on ongoing focus, for both rental apartments as well as commercial space.
  • Challenge is working with many different parties during a project i.e. sub-contractors, neighbors, etc.  Trying to keep everyone happy can be a balancing act.
  • Their business focus is residential custom remodeling and new construction.  Secondary is real estate development.
  • Galasso mentioned a section of the Affordable Housing Study – the influx of higher income household will continue to squeeze the supply of affordable housing in Falmouth.  Mark thinks this will also create jobs with housing development as they build or remodel homes in Falmouth.  Increasing building unit density will create more affordable housing.

Michael Galasso, Jim Fox

  • Working thru shake out period, fixing little things that break, etc.
  • A couple people tripped on the front curb, we have recently put black/yellow stripping on all the steps leading into the building.  A better and more permanent solution is being worked on by the architect – a plan is forthcoming to remove the step/curb and add another ramp and hand rails. 
  • We have insurance coverage thru Lloyds of London.  Accident reports were sent to our insurance agent. There were no serious injuries reported.
  • Land states we need to make sure with everything we do make sure we are doing all we can do to make this area safe from tripping/falling accidents.  Fox suggested we block this walkway off by putting a planter there.
  • Moran makes a motion to authorize up to $10K to construct a remodel on the walkway, curb and steps to remediate tripping falling potential.  Fox 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Simmler requested permission to create an RFP for yearly exterior maintenance i.e. mowing, plowing, weeding and weed control, tree pruning, mulching, lot sweeping, etc.
  • Langlais advised State reimbursement #11 was received for $142K.  Final reimbursement #12 is due next week for $111K.
  • Simmler advised pot belly stove is almost done.  Will be moved to Station within the next 2 weeks.
  • Fox is going to get a proposal on cost for the parking lot project – adjacent to the Station.
  • Simmler has a permission request into the MassDOT to use this leased land for a paid parking lot – funds to be used for upkeep of the Station.  Has not received a response yet.
  • Moran mentioned comments by the public about the trees removed from the Station property during recent landscape project.  She suggested we keep this in mind going forward with landscaping.  Board members advised tree removal was only the invasive trees behind/near the railroad tracks.
  • The board discussed the possibility of adding some train cars to the station for food service to the public.  Simmler mentioned there may be some Mass Development funding to assist with this project.

Jim Fox

  • Fox authorized Citizens Energy to begin the work for Phase 2.  They are getting ready to apply via the State process. 
  • We are expecting rent.  Town will earn approximately $20K a year in taxes.  EDIC will receive ground rent – net approximately of $24K a year.
  • Galasso asked if the the cost of upgrading the system, the wind turbines be an issue – Fox thinks this extra cost can be avoided.
  • We are capped at 2 megawatts, as nothing larger can fit.  Not enough land.
  • The Town of Falmouth has received a check from Eversource.
  • Langlais advised he did receive notice that a check from Citizens Energy was sent – about $16K.  We did not receive the check and will have Citizens reissue the check.  

Chris Langlais
No update.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of Aug. 31, 2017.  Total assets are $1.6M, include $1,16M in real estate, $384K in cash.  Received reimbursement #11 from MassDOT for $142K, and expecting reimbursement #12 for $111K in the next couple of weeks.  Liabilities are $7K for AP.
  • Warrant presented for $12,761.92.
  • Langlais to hold check for $1,650. to Duffany Family Trust, and $7,125. for Housing Study – to be discussed later.  $320.23 to JKL Handyman to be added to warrant for handyman services at the Falmouth Station.
  • A motion was made by Moran to approve the warrant, less the held items.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler advised we have 4-5 interested firms for Tech Park signage.  Proposals due this Thursday.
  • Agreed that budget needs to be established and then if within established budget, then project leader moves ahead with project.
  • Priority was main entrance signs, then 2nd directory signs, 3rd street signs, and then 4th individual business markers.
  • Galasso mentioned that we should also consider our North Falmouth Tech Park – Raymond Tech Park, when discussing new signage.
  • Fox advised that Water Tank property – 4 acres is owned by the EDIC.  The Town of Falmouth has an easement for half of the lot.  2 acres or 100,000 sq. ft. of land is develop-able.  Fox recommends that we do not sell the land, but lease it – for future continual income generation. Land value is $250K.
  • Fox mentioned he may have a client who is interested in purchasing or leasing land in the Tech Park – a pool company.

Brooks Bartlett

  • Discussed with Steve Johnson.  Objective to bring parties involved in Falmouth together, and have a joint discussion/meeting.  Putting a list of attendees together. 
  • Only 3% of people responded to their online survey.
  • Galasso stated that the EDIC needs to assist promoting Open Cape.
  • Galasso suggested that Open Cape connect into the Falmouth Station, to use as a demonstration site.  Bartlett to discuss with Open Cape and have an update next month.
  • Galasso believes connecting/expanding it in the Tech Park, at a reasonable cost would help to market the Tech Park.  

Michael Galasso

  • Circulated a copy of the Study memorandum to the Board.
  • Galasso suggested that they come to our November Board Meeting to present findings.  Board agreed as long as this is included in contract, and would not be at any additional cost.
  • The issue to hold the check has been resolved, and can be added to the warrant and paid.
  • Galasso made a motion to release payment of $7,125 for the Study to the warrant.  Moran 2nd.  All in Favor.  Passed.
  • Fox and Moran does not want to spend any more money on the Study. Board agreed. 




  • Michael Galasso recused himself from the discussion.
  • Moran referred to the Office Lease from Duffany – emailed to all board members. It’s a 1-year lease for an annual rent $9,900 1st year ($825 per month), with 2nd year extension if desired at $10,200 per year.  Space is approximately ¼ of Galasso’s business space with use of conference room if requested in advance. 
  • Moran asked what other actions have been taken by the EDIC to research what other space is available, to compare with the Duffany proposal.  Moran thinks that to enter this lease as proposed, is a perception of conflict of interest.  She thinks the public may have a concern with this and it may impair public confidence in the EDIC.  Moran questions the Board if the EDIC needs an office at this point.
  • Moran asked Fox about the building next door to the Falmouth Town Hall.  Board inquired on the rent amount of this small office.  Fox did not know, but would ascertain. 
  • Board discussed what type/size of office is required and what would be a reasonable expense for the EDIC needs.
  • Board agrees that they only need a small space, a standalone location at or near the Falmouth Town Hall, preferably at the Chamber of Commerce, with equal access to all Board Members for use and to keep all paperwork and documents in one place.
  • Moran thinks the EDIC needs to show a documented effort (3-4 options) to find comparable office space.  The Board agreed and Fox said he would work on rental space options for the Board to review/compare with the Duffany space and price by the October Board Meeting.
  • Simmler made a motion to remove the two rent invoices for Duffany Family Trust, from today’s invoice warrant.  Land 2nd.  All in Favor except Bartlett who Abstained.  Passed 5/ Abstain 1.
  • It was agreed by all Board Members that Michael Galasso has does a tremendous job as Chair of the Board, as well with efforts/work he does on behalf of the EDIC, in addition to his generosity with EDIC office use in his business space.
  • The Board agreed an apology was due Michael Galasso on the delay for reaching a decision on this rent/office space issue.
  • Moran made a motion to approve a monthly rental expense of $600 a month for EDIC office space, permitting Jim Fox to authorize and act on the EDIC’s behalf on this matter.  As well, that the EDIC agrees to pay for any moving expense of furniture, files and equipment to the new office space once obtained.  Land 2nd.  All in Favor.  Passed.


A motion was made by Land to adjourn the regular session and move to the Executive Session.  Moran 2nd.  All in Favor.  Passed.

October 10, 2017, 8:30am


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