Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Simmler (Ck), Paul Burke (T), Brooks Bartlett, Patti Haney

Christopher Land (C), Susan Moran (VC), Michael Galasso

8:35 am
Having established a quorum, the Clerk called the meeting to order. 

8:35 am


8:36 am
The Clerk made an official welcome to new board member Patti Haney.

8:36 am

Lauren Barker, CEO, Cape Cod Young Professionals,

  • A 501(C)3 non-profit based in Yarmouth and works in all towns on Cape Cod.

  • Mission is to connect, engage and advance CC young workforce and future leaders.

  • 13 Member Board of Directors, with just 2 FT employees.  Volunteers are the large part of support via committees (50-75 volunteers).

  • CCYP is made up of 2,000 members, with a budget of $300K for 2019.

  • Host monthly and yearly events, networking opportunities, newsletters and marketing.

  • CCYP completed The Shape the Cape Study with NE University to determine why there was a 26% attrition rate of young people between 2000-2010 leaving the Cape.

  • Main reason young people leave were found to be housing, lack of economic opportunity and higher education.

  • The conclusion of the study was that the Cape needed to do more to increase the pull to keep young people on Cape.

  • CCYP did another study to ask what would keep young people here.  Results stated housing, job advancement opportunity, civic policies and child care.

  • To improve the Cape workforce, it needs a retention as well as a recruitment component.

  • Leadership and training are a focus for CCYP. They maintain close communication with Businesses to close the gap between employers needs and potential on Cape employees. 

  • 2019 Membership Rates: Students $25, Individual $75, Business $200.

  • CCYP is partnering with E for All on Cape.  Received a $100 grant for partnering in entrepreneurial training and business development opportunities on Cape Cod.  Bartlett to speak with CCYP to investigate a potential collaboration with EDIC.

  • Barker requested $2,500 to supplement work done in Falmouth and increase visibility in Falmouth.  Funding would be used solely for and in Falmouth.

  • MOTION:  Simmler made a motion to provide $2,500 to CCYP to use toward workforce efforts specifically earmarked for Falmouth, with an update report to be forthcoming in 1 year.  Haney 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.

George Malloy, Malloy & Co., CPA Inc.,

  • Malloy submitted a draft of the EDIC Audited Financial Statements FYE 12/31/2017 to EDIC Treasurer, Paul Burke.

  • Malloy reported he went through the statements extensively; they are adequately correct.

  • The notes are very extensive, and he requests that all Board Members receive and review them.

  • Simmler signed the Representation Letter to the auditors, Rosselli & Clark, who need this signed letter to release the final financial statements to the Town of Falmouth.

  • There were not any changes made by the Auditors from the statement Malloy sent to them – no additional journal entries.

  • The EDIC has 1 year remaining on the contract with Rosselli & Clark. It expires in 2019.

  • Malloy said it was good that the Board is examined, and there is an audited set of financial statements with an unqualified opinion. Malloy thinks this is a model for the Cape.

  • Malloy believes that since this audited statement, going forward it should result with less expense as this audit has resulted with a better organized foundation for going forward.

  • The FEDIC statements will be combined with the Town of Falmouth financial statements.

9:05 am

Postponed until the January 2019 board meeting.

Jim Fox, Broker Associate, Kinlin Grover Realty,

  • Fox presented a proposal to represent the FEDIC to lease the 4-acre parcel (with the Water Tower and easement), that the FEDIC owns in the Falmouth Tech Park.

  • Value for marketing purposes is $250K.

  • Fox proposes a ground lease – the FEDIC would retain ownership of the land.

  • Atty. Duffey provided Fox with a qualification and approval letter to represent the FEDIC on this matter.

  • Simmler requested that Fox contact the abutters on the Raymond Park properties to see if they may be willing to purchase the remaining FEDIC lots in this park.

  • MOTION: Bartlett made a motion to retain Jim Fox to represent the FEDIC in obtaining a ground lease for the 4-acre land parcel in the Falmouth Tech Park. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Broderick advised that the Tech Park Meeting Letter was mailed certified/return receipt to the 36 property owners in the Falmouth Tech Park. As of this date, 28 were received. Currently, only 1 property owner responded that they would be attending the January 8th board meeting.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

  • Simmler is working with Mass Development / Patronicity to obtain the crosswalk from bike path over RR tracks to the Station. Simmler provided a master plan design and budget worksheet.

  • Simmler is partnering with Patronicity to establish a Go Fund Me page for funding for the crosswalk, picnic tables, signing etc..

  • The application is due Dec. 21st. The fund-raising period is January 2019 – March 2019. Construction must start within 6 months and work must be completed within 18 months.

  • Target budget is $30K. Mass Development with match the funds raised, but no more than 50% of the project. The goal is for the Go Fund Me program to raise $15K and Mass Development to match with the additional $15K, for a total of $30K.

  • MOTION: Bartlett made a motion to accept Simmler’s crosswalk plan and proceed with the Mass Development/Patronicity Go Fund Me application. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Broderick requested approval for the Station Grill font and basic design before Chef John begins actual sign artwork with Locust Street Sign at his expense. The Board approved.

  • Fox advised approximately 50 people came to the Station for the Falmouth Holiday Stroll. Jazz musicians performed holiday music. Jack in the Beanstalk donated donuts and cookies. Fox requested permission to do a musical event in January. The Board approved.

  • Fox advised the bank account for FFS has not been opened as they have not yet filed for the 501(C)3. Burke to open a FFS account within the FEDIC bank accounts to temporarily retain the donated funds. The monies will be transferred to a new FFS account once the FFS is legally established and organized – owned and managed solely by the FFS.

  • Simmler advised that the EDIC would approach Chef John to keep the Station open until the last bus departs the Station – approximately 5 – 5:15pm M-F, to assist with the public’s request for longer open hours at the Station.

Michael Galasso
Postponed until the January 2019 Board Meeting.

Postponed until the January 2019 Board Meeting.

Paul Burke

  • Burke to create a small $310 loan with 0 zero interest to the FFS to enable them to file with the IRS and various legal organization documents.

  • MOTION: Simmler made a motion to approve the Dec. 11, 2018 warrant in the amount of $16,576.62. Bartlett 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Burke to review the full audited financial statements and send a copy to all Board Members.

Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

Bartlett referred to the letter sent by the Town to the Governor Baker asking for the release of the $200K funding.

Brooks Bartlett

Bartlett does not think it feasible to implement a winter event due to pending winter vacations. Bartlett to discuss a spring event with CCYP for assistance. The Board needs to discuss funding for this event.

Postponed until the January 2019 Board Meeting.

9:35 am

  • November 13th, 2018 Meeting minutes were not approved at there was not a quorum of the November board meeting members present.

  • Website was refreshed, and sections redesigned and updated. The invoice for this work was larger than originally thought, however, another significant update will not be needed for several years. Simmler suggested the board review budget for website design every 6 months.

9:40 am
Bartlett reiterated a decision made at the Dec. 7th Board Meeting, that a Guest Speaker would not be invited to future Board Meetings just for the sake of having a speaker, due to meeting time constraints and the numerous agenda items. Future Guest Speakers will first need to be vetted to ensure the subject matter is aligned with the new Falmouth EDIC Mission.

9:42 am

MOTON: Bartlett made a motion to adjourn. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

January 8, 2019,  8:30 am


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