Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Land (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Langlais (T), Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

Jed Goldston – Prescient 4 – On record to oppose a parking fees at the Falmouth Station.  Jed stated this lot is considered an official Park & Ride Lot for MassDOT; whose mission is to increase access to public transportation.  He thinks this would not generate significant revenue and would be a disincentive to use the bus station.

8:33 am

Ye Yao, Director of Government Partnerships, VBikes,

  • Making cycling safer, as well as providing bicycles to users in the Town of Falmouth.
  • Solution for those getting off a bus and needs to get from a bus to a final location.
  • It won’t cost the Town of Falmouth any money and there is no liability.
  • Commuters price is $1. an hour or $14.95 per month for a pass.
  • Shares ridership data with the Town of Falmouth and the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Systems works on a Cellphone Application via Bluetooth technology.
  • Will hire a local ground team to maintain the bikes and racks – depending on number of bikes, will hire 1-3 people.
  • Businesses can advertise on a VBike - a moving billboard.  Ads shown on the App. also.
  • It will be 2-3 months to become operational once contract is signed. 
  • Requires signed consent forms for children under 18 years of age to use the bikes.  They do not supply small children sized bikes.
  • Bikes produced in China.
  • VBikes has a master liability insurance policy; the Town or Agency is listed as additional insured on the policy.
  • No senior or military discounts at this time, but this suggestion will be considered by VBikes.
  • VBikes provides bike racks.
  • Target number of bikes is based on seasonality; 200-300 bikes are estimated for Falmouth in season.  The more bikes, the better the system works.
  • There is data to suggest cyclists spend less per purchase than motorists, but shop more frequently, and ultimately spend more in a community than motorists. 
  • The bikes have a bell, 7 gears, a front head light and rear light, a basket, adjustable seats, a solar panel inside the basket to fuel the lights.  Tires non puncturable. 
  • Moran suggested this subject is brought to the Selectman’s meeting.  Ye Yao to speak to Town Manager’s office regarding service agreement, and will return to the March meeting.

Laura Moynihan, Esq., Law Office of Laura M. Moynihan,

  • Tech Park Development Agreement is a 12 Year Term – to expire Feb. 21st, 2018.
  • A 12-year extension is a provision in the agreement by mutual agreement of the CC Commission and the FEDIC.
  • CC Commission is not certain if it should or is needed to be extended.  They require further information.
  • The Development Agreement cites a mandatory review threshold of 10,000 sf. for new construction.  A building over 10K sf. that proposes a change in use is subject to a mandatory DRI.  The agreement was created in the1990’s as means of avoiding piece meal mandatory DRI review thresholds for each lot. 
  • Laura has started the process to investigate what is happening at the Tech Park, to determine if the agreement is still a useful document to keep it current.  Limited information is available so far.  A question exists if all mitigation required by the original development agreement was completed.  A history needs to be pieced together to go forward with the application. 
  • To proceed, it will not be a quick and simple process.  There will be a $2,500 development fee, and several months of research to support the application to the CC Commission.  There will be additional professional costs involved – estimated $10K.
  • Another option is to file an application to the CCC for a lesser amount of time, 3-5 years, to allow the EDIC to evaluate the need for the Development Agreement. 
  • Moran stated the agreement served a useful purpose in the past.  However, if the EDIC is no longer formally responsible (relieved of obligations) for the Tech Park in this manner, further discussion is warranted.  She suggested the EDIC meet with the CCC to discuss this subject with a broader and forward-looking viewpoint.  She thinks it makes sense to look at new options for the future EDIC management resources.
  • Galasso thinks the EDIC has an obligation to those who currently own property under this agreement and who are thinking of developing their property, to ensure that they have the same rights as those who have already developed their property.  He believes the EDIC should extend the agreement for a period of time to research opportunities in the Tech Park and discuss the situation with the CCC.
  • Simmler questions what will happen if the EDIC does not do anything prior to the expiration of the agreement. 
  • Moran is very reluctant to agree to supporting greater expense at the Tech Park with no income stream from the Tech Park to support it.
  • Galasso reminded the Board we have $16K in the budget for development for the Tech Park.  He feels the EDIC has not fulfilled our mission when only half of the Tech Park is built out.
  • Fox stated he thinks there are other ways to develop the Tech Park, without extending the agreement.  He believes the development agreement has served its purpose, and it is now obsolete.
  • Paul Glynn, attorney at law, stated he doesn’t think his current client would buy in the Tech Park property if he had to go thru the CC Commission.  He suggests a 1-year extension of the Tech Park Development Agreement.  He states that current Tech Park owners/residents might be favorable to fund the research into the a agreement extension.
  • Langlais inquired about best possible timeline to review the situation, and the expected costs. Moynihan said she would attempt to have the $2,500 filing fee waived as a municipality.  She estimated 3-6 months for research.  Moynihan does not think the EDIC should let the agreement expire.  She suggests a proforma application to extend the agreement for a short term and start the process of conversation with CCC for what would be acceptable terms for an agreement extension.
  • Land is concerned about not having a budget for this project, and that actions are for public benefit, and not for individual private parties.
  • Fox suggested, and Land agreed that the FEDIC reach out to the property owners in the Tech Park to see if they are willing to contribute/share with the funding of research into the extension of the Development Agreement.  If they are, then the EDIC will proceed.  Moran suggested advising of a $5,000 - $7,500 total price to fund the research into the agreement.
  • Moran made a motion to reach out to the Tech Park Owners to inquire if they would contribute to a fund of $5,000 for the EDIC to continue the existing Development Agreement for a 6-month extension period to research the terms of a potential final and longer-term Development Agreement to be defined and continued.  Simmler 2nd.  Passed with 4 votes – Moran, Simmler, Fox and Galasso.
  • Moran made a motion to amend the prior motion from a 6-month extension period to a 3-year period.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

9:43 am
Chris Simmler

  • Simmler advised that Jessica Fox was to obtain actual resident contact names and contact information. 
  • Simmler to write a letter for the development agreement funding.
  • Signs are up at the Tech Park and are light. 
  • Clover provided a quote for $4,600 for landscaping around the new signs.  Board decided to table this action and expense temporarily.  It was agreed that only mulching will be done at this time.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler said that he did not have any indication that the Falmouth Station parking lot was part of the Park & Ride system of MassDOT. Moran to contact the Jed Goldston to find out where he found the Falmouth Lot was listed as a Park & Ride.  Simmler suggested that a portion of the lot is free Park & Ride and the other part has a fee.
  • The MassDOT needs to approve the parking lot extension and for fee project prior to moving forward on it.  Attempts to reach the MassDOT contact to discuss the project has not been successful.
  • Simmler said we need to move this higher up the managerial ladder at MassDOT.  Moran to obtain a contact name at MassDOT for Simmler to contact for discussion.
  • Moran suggested public input for the parking lot development project. 
  • It was suggested that the Falmouth Station become part of the $100K Town of Falmouth Parking Study.
  • Fox suggested that a transportation component as part of the parking issue throughout the Town of Falmouth, partnering with the Town and Chamber of Commerce.
  • Simmler sent a letter in January to Frank Doherty at Peter Pan to set up a meeting to discuss the operating budget in relation to the rent/lease agreement.
  • It was agreed that a public invitation be extended to attend the next board meeting to discuss public use of the Falmouth Station.  Moran to invite local legislators and Falmouth Chamber of Commerce.  Simmler to provide a presentation on the parking proposal by Holmes & McGrath.

Jim Fox
Fox advised the application is in process.  Still waiting for EverSource to review.  The EDIC is 2nd in line.  Fox advised it is a long process.

Chris Langlais  
Langlais said he received the EDIC audit from Rosselli and Clark, and they discounted the real estate holdings from $1.4M to $85K.  Value was based on cost and not fair market value.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of January 31, 2018.  Total assets are $648K, including $85K in real estate, $510K in cash.
  • Liabilities are AP for $16,597.55. Prepaid items are $2,500.83.
  • Langlais presented the warrant for $19,998.38.
  • Galasso stated the Falmouth Station is not listed on the Balance Sheet.  Fox and Langlais will be discussing the value of the land leases for the appropriate value to add to the balance sheet.
  • A motion was made by Simmler to approve the warrant.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed

Brooks Bartlett
Bartlett advised he will be attending a community meeting regarding this subject at the Chamber of Commerce this Friday.  A presentation to be made to the local businesses and merchants, with an attempt to have businesses sign up for the service at that time.

10:11 am

A motion was made by Moran to approve the January 12th, 2018 Board Meeting minutes.    Brooks 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

Frank – Black Dog Restaurant – from Simmler
Ryan Family Amusements – from Langlais

10:13 am

  • Discuss future projects/focus for the next 1-3 years. 
  • Developing workforce housing.
  • Generating more revenue.

10:16 am

A motion was made by Moran to adjourn the meeting.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

March 13, 2018,  8:30am


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