Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Mike Galasso(C), David Eldredge(VC), Jay Zavala(Clerk), Jim Fox, Sue Moran, Brooks Bartlett,


The chairman called the meeting to order.




Eldredge introduced the president and CEO of the YMCA of Cape Cod Stacie Peugh. Peugh’s presentation to the committee included how the “Y” works with local communities to find the needs they have and evaluate the feasibility of each. She explained that this is done through Community Leader Surveys, Community Discussion Groups and Community Leader Forums. The needs derived from the sessions are then categorized into the YMCA’s three main focus areas: 1.Youth Development, 2. Healthy Living, 3. Social Responsibility. The committee had several questions as follow-up regarding working with local groups that have the same objectives, the number of new “Ys” that have opened and how they are funded, and substance abuse prevention programs.


Fox reported that the first draft has been formed and been sent out to all concerned for their comments. They are now looking for written feedback. After that it will be brought to the selectmen and the PB will finalize the draft. Fox said that they are treating the Multifamily Zoning, and Accessory Apartment Zoning as one project to develop a Housing By-law. The chairman asked if there has been any progress on the creation of a Community Development department. Moran stated that it is ongoing and the selectmen are fine-tuning the boundaries of what this person or department is going to be doing. The selectmen have made it clear to the town manager that this is a priority.


Eldredge reported that he, Galasso, and the Clerk of the works had a meeting with Mass DOT hosted by our representatives Madden and Vieira at the State House on the 21st. The meeting was to iron out the reimbursement procedures and to meet the new people at Mass DOT. Also on the 21st there was a public meeting at the library held by the Falmouth Station Advisory Committee. It was well attended by about 25-30 people that included reps from Peter Pan, FS Advisory committee members, local government officials and interested citizens. There were a number of helpful suggestions ranging from upgrading bathrooms to Wi-Fi to relocating the bus pick up and drop off locations. There was also a lot of interest in a café or some sort of food service along with outside seating. Beacon Architectural Services and Studio 1220 (landscape consultant) will be putting together an artist’s rendering of what the site may look like by encompassing much of the input at the meeting. A civil engineering firm is being hired to do topography and initial layouts showing where utility services are coming into the building. By the next meeting conceptual designs should be ready. In addition a cleaning company has been hired starting immediately. There was a brief discussion about deadlines and goals along with lack of public awareness and interest in the project. Moran wanted to highlight the tremendous effort that was made to get representatives together and get the logjam broken in order to get this project moving forward. Moran also suggested that putting the preliminary plans from the architects on the EDIC website with a link for public input. The chairman said that the vision plan should be put down on paper to avoid having the funds relocated. Moran made a motion to let the Chairman sign the standard contract with the MASS DOT that would extend funds on the existing contract from March 31, 2016 to March 31, 2017. It was seconded and passed unanimously. Fox brought up the fact that since the state has yet to notify the abutters of the project, that the EDIC attorney send out the letters. After a brief discussion Galasso will get the attorney to send the letters.

Fox updated the committee. He said the town is cooperating and signed the four documents which were then filed with the state to let Citizens Energy show that they had control over the Landfill. This would allow them to apply for the Energy Credits before the deadline. All of the applications have been filed except the one FEDIC needs to apply as a separate entity in order to have a “Net Metering System” at the landfill. This will allow the elimination of many of the checks written to the town from Eversource each month and be consolidated into one. Fox also said that the town may not have an appetite for all of the 7 million kilowatt hours generated and that would allow us with Citizens Energy to sell to other municipalities the excess at a discount. The net metering would allow us to do that and give us an additional revenue source. The chairman stated that the Town has suggested hiring a consultant versed in the field of renewable energy that will allow the project to move along and provide guidance to the town and the EDIC. The firm is Sustainable Energy Advantage in Framingham. They estimated a proposal that included two phases. The first phase would be overseeing the research analysis and due diligence along with negotiation support to the EDIC and the town. The second phase is for negotiation support and project management. Their fee for each phase is $10,000.00. This came as a result of the EDIC bombarding the town manager with applications that were needed immediately. Moran made a motion to empower the chairman to execute the contract with Sustainable Energy Advantage. It was seconded by Eldredge. After a brief discussion it passed unanimously.



Zavala presented the financials from Langlais who was not present. He presented a warrant $14,317.89. The chairman added the invoice from Sustainable Energy of $ 7,672.24. This brought the total warrant to $ 21,990.13. A motion to approve was seconded and passed unanimously.

Eldredge reported that there was an accident at the entrance to the park and someone wiped out the sign during a past storm. An investigation is ongoing with the Falmouth Police.

Zavala reported the he is trying to get together with all of his sources and should be coordinated for the next meeting.

Nothing waiting on the CCC


December meeting notes have yet to be approved with the Executive Session included. They rest with the chairman for review. A motion was made and seconded to approve the January minutes. It passed unanimously.

Zavala reported that only two members sent feedback to Carol McLeod Design with input into the new website. The chairman asked that all members commit to getting feedback to CMD by this Friday so that Carol can place a draft for Zavala and Moran to review. Zavala will ask Carol to resubmit the feedback forms to the members. Zavala asked that we allocate $10,000.00 for the development of the website. Zavala will get to us a contract with Macleod Design for the next meeting. He also made a motion that the EDIC Board allocate a line item of $10,000.00 for the development and the hosting of a new website. It was seconded and passed unanimously.



The chairman wanted to bring to the board’s attention the following items. Ocean State Grad Home Purchase Grant Program- He explained: Rhode Island is offering grants up to $7,000 to recent grads of the state returning or staying in the state to assist them with a purchase of a home. He suggested considering getting involved with housing authorities in the town to discuss the possibility of developing program similar to RI’s. He will get more info for the next meeting. The next item the chairman brought up was E for All. He explained that it’s an organization that mentors and awards monies to entrepreneurs. They feature an “Entrepreneur’s Pitch Contest” annually on the idea of the TV program “Shark Tank”. He asked that Bartlett and the Recording Secretary get additional info and report findings at the next meeting. He also added that it might be a good idea to get the Chamber and the National Graduate Center involved.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. It passed unanimously


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