Meeting Minutes


Falmouth Town Hall
Selectmens Meeting Room, 59 Town Hall Sq. Falmouth, MA 02540

Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Simmler (Ck), Michael Galasso, Patti Haney

Christopher Land (C), Paul Burke (T), Brooks Bartlett

8:30 am
Having established a quorum, the Vice - Chair called the meeting to order. 


Sean LaFrance, Director of Facilities, Lafrance Hospitality,

Mark Bagosian, Owner, Longfellow Design & Build,

  • Lafrance is attempting to design and build a Marriott hotel on Main Street in Falmouth.

  • Bagosian distributed drawings to the Board members.

  • It will be a 2 ½ story, 79 room hotel – the goal is to design it in a way to fit within Falmouth and CC.

  • Looking into high energy efficiency during construction as well as afterward: solar, recycling, charging stations for electric cars, bike racks/rentals, etc.

  • Approval Process – Working with the CC Commission – regulations have recently changed. Re-applying to the Planning Board within the next few weeks.

  • Moran stated she liked the design – suggestion of a lighthouse.

  • Bagosian understands that workforce and affordable housing is an element of the building plan – whether building actual units or monetary funding of another project. Working with the CCC to assist with determining a solution. Plans to hire local workers.

  • Plans to educate the public now that formal renderings and concepts are determined.

  • The Board liked what was presented, and believes the project is headed in a good direction. Planning Board feedback and a site plan will be needed before a final board approval will be done.


Michael Galasso, Patti Haney

  • Working with Justine Burke on the committee. They’ve had one meeting.

  • As Mass Development denied the EDIC’s grant request for a feasibility study regarding a co-working facility, Galasso requested some funding from the Board for this purpose.

  • Justine Burke advised she has had interest in a co-working space for many years, based on the success of prior ones she has encountered. Meeting with a Boston consultant to discuss a feasibility study. Approximate expense estimated at $15K.

  • Moran suggested this subject to be discussed further after a proposal is submitted with parameters.

  • Haney suggested that summer pofessionals are considered for this project – as a community space to work while here. Also, near Open Cape capabilities for potential locations.


  • Attorney Ament, representing the Accutek property owners provided an overview of the Accutek property original purchase details and development details to date.

  • He advised that Accutek has invested $150K to date. With the initial purchase price of $160K, its value is assessed at $443K.

  • The restriction in the deed is making it difficult for them to sell the property, as it states that if the property did not contain a building, they needed to first offer the property back to the FEDIC for the original purchase price.

  • Due to the investment into the property, Accutek will not sell the property back to the FEDIC for $160K. If necessary, they could build a building for a buyer, but that will take time and complicate the sale. Or they could build a small structure in the hope it can be used by a future a buyer, but if not, it simply can be removed after the sale and a new building erected – though this would be wasteful.

  • Accutek requests that the deed restriction be removed to encourage a sale, to encourage economic development, and a viable business can build a useful building and provide jobs within the Falmouth Tech Park.

  • Accutek is offering $7,500 as a goodwill gesture donation.

  • Galasso stated the most important thing is for someone to build on the lot. He suggested that the deed restriction stays in place, until after the sale and the Buyer builds an actual building.

  • Atty. Amend is amenable to thinking about a provision but is concerned about it limiting the property’s marketability.

  • Haney and Simmler stated they think the deed rule is antiquated and is in opposition to the EDIC mission statement.

  • MOTION: Moran made a motion to accept an $8,000 donation offered by Accutek to remove the restriction based on the newly presented facts. Simmler 2nd. Discussion ensued. Moran, Simmler and Haney in favor. Galasso voted nay. Motion approved 3 to 1.

  • No update on from Tech Park / EDIC sub-committee.

  • Atty. Ament advised that a majority of the Board was required for an approved vote – not a majority of the board in attendance. He requested a revote and that Michael Galasso reconsider his negative vote.

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Moran to revote the previous vote regarding removal of the Accutek deed restriction. Galasso 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • MOTION: Moran made a motion to accept an $8,000 donation offered by Accutek to remove the restriction based on the newly presented facts. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Christopher Simmler

  • No update about FFS – Jim Fox not in attendance.

  • Simmler spoke with Patronicity / Mass Development – was told the EDIC proposal was under review. Once approved, next step will be creating an RFP for the work to begin in the spring.

  • Ad letters (200) sent out during January – to promote ads for Station TV Monitors. Broderick to update response at the next board meeting.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso spoke with Citizens Energy and was told that the issue pending was that Eversource still considers the Falmouth wind turbines as viable and used energy equipment. Until the Town of Falmouth notifies Eversource of their intent to no longer operate the wind turbines, additional study and funding by the EDIC will be required.

  • Moran advised that the Selectmen Board has publicly stated that the wind turbines will never operate in Falmouth again. An RFP is in process to operate the wind turbines outside of Falmouth for energy credit. This action may affect the Eversource calculations. Moran suggested that Eversource recalculate the study assuming this potential event.

Chistopher Simmler

  • In Burke’s absence, Simmler presented the February 12th, 2019 warrant in the amount of $9,935.70. $6,900 was for AP and approximately $3,000 in prepaid expense.

  • Galasso reminded the Board of the importance of trying to operate the Station within a self-sustaining position by monitoring future expense carefully.

  • MOTION: Haney made a motion to approve the February 12th warrant in the amount of $9,935.70. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Burke to update loan to FFS at the next board meeting.

Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

  • Galasso received a contract document from the State of Massachusetts for the $80K requesting board approval and Chair signature. The contract basically states that the EDIC will use the money solely for the Open Cape high speed internet project on Main Street in Falmouth.

  • MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve for authorization for the Chair to sign the State of Massachusetts contract for the $80K funding for the Open Cape project in Falmouth. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Mass Development is in the process of creating he $200K Bridge Loan documents – the money to be repaid by the EDIC once the State provides the funding for the remaining $200K for the project.

  • Grant cites that the project must be completed by June 2019.

Christin Marshall, Executive Director, Cape Cod,

  • Christin reintroduced the E for All organization, then provided a brief overview of the Pitch Contest and Accelerator events.

  • In collaboration with the CCYP organization, E for All is hosting a mini Pitch Contest at the CCYP yearly summit – at Bucatino’s restaurant in Falmouth. Simmler suggested the EDIC sponsor, however Christin advised sponsorship has already been accepted.

  • Christin requests that the EDIC sponsor a full Pitch Contest in the fall. The board agreed this may be a good endeavor. Moran suggested that the date is coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce due to a very full calendar of events during this season. Christin to work with Bartlett and Broderick during the summer to discuss and potentially host.

Susan Moran, Christopher Land

  • Moran advised that she and Land met to discuss. Defer update until a following meeting for Land to be present and time to organize a presentation.

Chris Simmler, Michael Galasso

  • Simmler stated difficulty of understanding Atty. Duffy’s response regarding the hiring of an ED.

  • Moran stated that if was possible to hire an ED under the Town of Falmouth – enabling the position to include benefits such as insurance and retirement benefits. Moran stated she felt this would enable a wider net to be made to recruit. Haney questioned the added expense of this approach as well as the hiring/decision making and mixed accountability of the role.

  • MOTION: Moran made a motion to hire an Executive Director for a gross yearly income of $50K with a possibility/opportunity to take advantage of Town of Falmouth employee benefits and the position will be limited to working solely for and under the direction of the EDIC. Simmer 2nd. Discussion ensued. All voted in favor. Approved.

  • The next steps - Simmler and Moran to work with Town Counsel regarding the available options for hiring this hybrid Town/EDIC role. Simmler to send a job description to Town HR for feedback.

9.37 am

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Galasso to approve the tenancy at will rental space at the Chamber of Commerce for $600 a month. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Haney to approve the January 8th, 2019 Meeting minutes. Simmler 2nd. All others in favor. Approved.

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Simmler to approve the Executive Session January 8th, 2019 Meeting minutes. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.


Moran suggested that the board attempt to move forward on all open items on the current agenda to attempt to close as many as possible.


MOTON: Moran made a motion to adjourn the open meeting session. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

March 12, 2019,  8:30 am, Selectmen’s Meeting Room, Falmouth Town Hall


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