Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

Christopher Simmler

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  He asked for a moment of silence for Hockey players, James Levin and Owen Higgins, who had passed away.

Material presented by Doris Simpson from the League of Women Voters.

Galasso introduces guest speaker Jay Coburn from Community Development Partnership. Cohen speaks and the following are the key points:

  • CDP is a nonprofit community development.
  • Best known for the micro-lending, we have a micro loan capital of $300,000.
  • Last year we teamed up with Wellfleet Spat to capitalize on the shell fishing loan fund, have $60,000 from the Oyster Fest, will do loan up to $20,000.
  • Another collaborative that we have is Cape Cod Fisheries Trust, Cape Cod Fishermen’s Alliance out of Chatham, designed to preserve the small boat fishery.
  • Another program that they started was the Orleans Winters Farmers Market. It is held at the high school weekly with 37 vendors and has 200 to 300 patrons each week.
  • Provide traditional business education, one on one counseling for small business in the region, providing training to use programs like QuickBooks, hold a series of workshop called Smart Start for beginning business owners.
  • Hold a series called ProSmart for existing business owners that include a variety of topic that include finance and dealing with HR issues.
  • Do specialty workshop about food planning that is in line with the farmer market initiative.
  • On the housing front, they 75 units of affordable housing rental housing in 18 different locations.
  • Run a housing rehabilitation loan program up to $35,000 in a forgivable to interest, no payment that is forgiven over a 15 year period.
  • This results in about $1.5 million in work for local contractors.
  • Do a series on First Time Homebuyers Workshops that is also just released an online version last year.
  • How do we keep ourselves up and running? We receive about $180,000 thru the Cape Cod and the Island license plate fund, and thru the Community Development Tax credit. Generated $ .25 million.
  • Biggest barrier is housing, employers cannot find qualified employees because the housing is there.
  • Another barrier is zoning and land use regulations.
  • The infrastructure is also a problem on the outer cape.
  • There is a lack of business training or mentoring.
  • There is a lack of entrepreneurship encouragement on the cape.
  • The good news is the increase in exporting the cape cod brand and leveraging that with the use of the internet that promotes year-round business.
  • Strong local community banks that reinvest in the community along with successful retired people that would be good for mentoring small businesses.

Michael Galasso
Weekly updates have been sent. Exterior of the building is being worked on.  Due to working with the historical society some changes are being done in the interior. Pricing currently being done and then decision will be made.  Progress is slow because of the pricing and decisions being made. Landscaping will include the removal of trees.  Bikeway pricing will be separate.  Contract price can be publicized.  Revival of the project management fees and reimbursement progress. David Vera Mosaic art can be added to station, coming to next meeting link with handicapped services. 

  • Falmouth Station Citizens Advisory Committee Update –  Chris Simmler – Not in attendance.  
  • Bikeway / Station Connection Project Update – Chris Simmler – Not in attendance.

Jim Fox

Fox deferred to Michael as he had more contact with Citizens this last month. We are ready to be contacted and waiting for EverSource.

Phase Two Status Update – Michael sent an email to Julian about Phase 2, lots of changes to the program that will affect the economics.  Need meeting together to discuss regulation changes to the program. 

Chris Langlais
No Changes

Chris Langlais

  • 2017 Operating Budget – Langlais presented the draft for the operating budget.  He also presented the financials for the end of year, total assets $1.78 million, liabilities $3.3 thousand.  Michael questions the value of the Station and have it added to the assets.
  • Warrant - Langlais presented warranted for $159,643.77, questions regarding the Station budget, DOT and payment process. A motion was made and seconded to approve the warrant. It passed unanimously.

Chris Simmler -
not in attendance.  Michael states that Caine and Simmler have been working to update the landscaping and further research is being done in order to occupy all the properties. 

Brooks Bartlett

Caine helped to put together information regarding E for All.  Pitch contest of one their programs.  The pitch contest is opportunities for our youth to show their ideas and help them start in town.  Question regarding the fee and whether we could do the pitch contest internally.  CFO Martha Vineyard’s company does the Lemonade Stand without the fee.  There is a program that Moran is part of that would bring it to Falmouth.  Moran suggested to possibly partner with the local schools.  We have not discussed the fee with E for All and what we could get for the $5,000.  We might need to pay fee the first year, Moran pointed out that the biggest problem is getting volunteers.  CFO already has volunteers ready in Falmouth per Moran.  $5,000 fee is separate from contest prizes.  Meeting with Chris Land to discuss fees.

Michael Galasso

Judy is getting report together, trouble getting date together especially rental market for Falmouth.  First draft should be out by the end of the month. 

APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS – Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Clerk and Treasure – Ballots were made. Went over current positions, unless hear differently, current position still interested and then nominate people for other positions which are Vice Chairman and Secretary.  Susan Moran nominated for Vice Chairman and Chris Simmler nominated for Secretary/Clerk.  Voting done verbally.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the nominations.  It passed unanimously. Positions are- Chairman Michael Galasso, Vice-Chair Susan Moran, Secretary/Clerk Chris Simmler and Treasure Chris Langlais. 

APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES – Caine distributed minutes from November and December regular meeting minutes along with executive sessions.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the November and December 2016 open session meeting minutes.  It passed unanimously. Executive session minutes are being held off to vote on since there are open matters. 

EDIC – Office Use and Rent Payment – Caine station at 220 Palmer Ave.  Letter from Duffy to use space for Caine, will bring to Selectmen to vote on, question on lease to be cleared up to move forward with the approval process.  Galasso has not yet written the letter to Frank Duffy. 

Administrator Report – Alexandra – Michael states Caine is good to work with and how week is structured.  Caine reported regarding the website, and social media accounts are done.  Retreat will be at the Woods Hole Golf Club, which they are donating the space making it the most economical choice. Question regarding some of the pictures on the site and have aerial of our projects.  Discussed of business cards and use of them. 

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso brought up the Liberty Green project article, the 40B Project where the Marriott was to go.  Michael contacted the broker to invite the Developer to a Board Meeting, without a response.  Galasso feels it is a very important location on E. Main Street.  Though the affordable housing element is supported, Galasso feels very strongly that the project proposed is not a very well defined or designed project.  Additionally, the Developer is not engaging with the community; not accepting suggestions or meeting with the public; sticking to their plan regardless.  The EDIC has the power of imminent domain, to ensure what is developed in Falmouth does not impede future economic development.  It is not a position he suggests is taken at this time, but something to keep in mind.
  • Jim Fox suggested an executive session, inviting an Attorney to talk about this subject. 


Galasso wants to keep the Senior Center in mind that helps with finance and there is a role for the EDIC.  Moran asked for a report regarding the Senior Center project. 


10-19 Foundation Scholarship Fund Contribution - Alexandra – Caine brought up wanted to honor the tragic death of youth in Falmouth and by donating money.  Question on how it fits into our mission and our policy on donating money which there is not one currently.  Possibly donate money to student majoring in business, another way to give back to community stated by Galasso.  Scholarship would help encourage entrepreneurial growth in our community.  Topic to be brought up at the retreat.
Retreat - Alexandra – Set for February 11th, notebooks will be sent out one week another of time.  Previous facilitator will be at the retreat and have speakers scheduled for the morning.  Duffy will be given specific questions to speak on at retreat. 


None stated, email us a week ahead of time.  Moran and Land brought up the EDIC looking at the marijuana law and how it affects the community and business.  An executive session – Liberty Green Project

A motion was made by the chairman to adjourn the regular session meeting.  It was seconded and unanimously approved.


Consider possible real estate acquisitions & negotiations on the  use of EDIC property.

A motion was made by the chairman to adjourn the regular session meeting.  It was seconded and unanimously approved.

February 14, 2017, 8:30am


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