Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Mike Galasso (C), Jay Zavala (Clerk), Chris Langlais(T), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett


The meeting was called to order by the chairman who noted a quorum was established. He then asked that we all observe a moment of silence in memory of Susan Moran’s daughter Jolene. The chairman noted that a fund had been set up in memory of Jolene and the board thought it would be appropriate to send a donation. That would be decided after the meeting.


The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda to please come forward. There was no one.



EDIC Element (Potential Properties/Land Swap)

Fox reported that he had tried to walk the parcel of land that they discussed at the last meeting on Thomas Landers Road. He said that the parcel had two major negatives: topography and heavily wooded under the control of the Conservation Commission. Fox then presented a different parcel abutting the landfill property that was owned by the town and zoned agricultural. It is 11.4 acres and is relatively flat with trees on about half of it with the other half relatively clear. It also has frontage on Blacksmith Shop Road and abuts the industrial park. He thought that we should enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the town and let them know our intentions to study the best use. It was suggested by the audience that we look at developing it into a tech park to take advantage of Open Cape to further economic development in Falmouth. Zavala added that he was listening for a motion to be made. He questioned whether this was a continuation of the last MOU that was made as an amendment to the existing MOU that allowed us to pursue our current landfill project or is this a new and separate initiative. Fox said he would like to get his hand on the old MOU and editing that to fit this parcel. He added that he would put in a paragraph that included exploring other uses as well. The chairman asked if we could put this initiative into a motion. Fox made a motion to authorize the chairman to send a letter to the town manager and the board of selectmen requesting the EDIC enter into a MOU to study the redevelopment potential of the parcel of land off of Blacksmith Shop Road (# 2201007000) for future economic use to include solar. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The chairman reviewed that at the last meeting he presented a proposal for the EDIC to consider retaining the services of Judy Barrett’s firm to provide the missing data that was needed out of the Housing Demand Study that was done in 2014. The direction from the board was to follow-up with Judy and also talk to Frank Duffy to verify who actually owns the data found in the report. He has talked to Judy and she is very interested in working with us. She will get us a proposal for the next meeting. Judy said that she would not be able to start on this project until after Labor Day and that it would take 4-6 weeks. Galasso said that he has not talked to Frank Duffy but will reach out to him in the next week. Ed Hurley from the Affordable Housing Committee asked what data we are specifically looking for. The chairman said what’s missing from the report is hard data on the numbers on types of units that we need to provide housing for our community. Zavala asked if we have developed a scope of work for this new project or is it an addition to the old contract for more information. The chairman hoped that Judy would bring the scope of work for us to review. Sam Patterson wanted to mention that it bothered him that Judy would only go to county wide data because when he looks at the backup at the hospital light (Ter Huen) it goes all the way out to the lane drops. It’s huge. It seemed to him that we need to be looking at the employers in town. WHOI, MBL, SSA, the school system, all employ a lot of individuals that are commuting into Falmouth each day and to make sure we pay attention to that demographic. Fox said that this is doing the job of the Planning Board. He agrees that the information would be helpful, but sees it as a planning board function. He said the planning board should see if there is a need. He said he would bring it up tonight to see if they want to put it on the agenda in the future. Galasso said that this type of information is needed. Zavala added that from his standpoint if the EDIC can act as a catalyst for some concrete action it will have served its purpose. He also added if we don’t have to be the funding mechanism that would also please me because that’s not what we’re designed to do as part of our function, yet we cannot deny that housing is an important component of economic stability. So there’s an interest of the EDIC that should be articulated at the planning board meeting. The chairman said that he will still move forward with Judy and she will put together a proposal before the board. If we need to appear before the planning board we’ll give them an update if needed. We don’t need to control the process. We just want to fund it and move it forward.


The board looked at a spreadsheet prepared by Langlais to show where we stand with current expenses highlighting the costs that Mass DOT will be reimbursing the EDIC. Zavala asked that as the project goes forward and requirements to pay contractors becomes more evident are we on a cost re-occurring basis or does Mass DOT fund the EDIC so we can pay our bills on time. The chairman said that once a month we would have a meeting on site with the contractor where we would approve the payment request and within 30 days Mass DOT would fund the request. Then we would write the check for the contractor. He said it should be quick as we’re making the requests online. Falmouth Station Committee Report –David Eldredge reviewed with the committee they have been working with the consultants on refining the cost with certain vendors and materials to reduce future costs for the project. He also highlighted some of the preconstruction dates and said they are subject to change. -The windows and doors are currently being evaluated for a separate bid package. Windows are typically a long lead item and we wanted to get the process going to eliminate downtime later once the contractor is hired. -Monday July 18th we will have a complete drawing and specification package from the architect -The Draft bid package will be given to us on 7/22. -An internal review by Mass DOT with the EDIC and our consultants is schedule for 7/29 -Finalizing the documentation and issuing contract documents and the start of the bidding process will start with advertising in the central register on 8/03. -The sub bid opens on 8/31 -The general bid opening begins on 9/7 -Bids awards will be on 9/14 -Construction starts 9/19 Eldredge added that we are still working on a logistics plan with Peter Pan to maintain operations during construction. A meeting with the Steamship Authority is pending to discuss the feasibility of using their parking lot adjacent to FS as an interim location for bus operations and parking during construction. Zavala asked how long the project would take. Eldredge answered that the project estimate would take 4-6 months. The chairman added that once we select a contractor his contract would include a schedule. Falmouth Station Advisory Committee Report – Zavala stated that a draft of the meeting minutes had been sent to the chairman. Once he responds Zavala will schedule the next meeting. Fox said we need a sign to start construction. Barbara Weyand added that the preservation Alliance has a small grant for historic signage and was waiting for a response as part of the minutes from several months ago. The chairman said he would look at the notes to look at the grant specs as well as the other items in the notes. A brief discussion on a construction sign at the site was recommended by Fox. He said he would share his thoughts with the chairman for the next meeting.

A permit was signed and should be delivered Thursday. The kickoff meeting has already happened with the DPW. The construction of the road will begin this Friday. Fox showed the committee the proposed construction sign. Fox asked for comments. He said it was two sided and will cost about $600.00. He said maybe we can get the contractor to pay for the sign. After a brief review Zavala made a motion to officially call the Project Solar at the Landfill. It was not seconded and withdrawn. The committee left it to Fox and Galasso to make the final adjustments to the sign.


Langlais presented a warrant for $14,902.46. A motion to accept the warrant. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Jay (postponed for next meeting). A motion to approve minutes of the June 14th and 28th was made seconded and approved unanimously. The chairman was getting ready to leave to attend a funeral as Zavala asked the chair to forgo the rest of the meeting until next month. He agreed.

August 9, 2016, 8:30AM


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