Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Mike Galasso (Chairman), Chris Langlais (T), Jim Fox, Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler (C)
Absent: Brooks Bartlett


The chairman called the meeting to order as a quorum was established. He announced that Jay Zavala has submitted his resignation due to personal issues. He appreciates the time and effort that Zavala has put into the EDIC and he will be sorely missed. He organized us in a time when we needed it.  Moran said Zavala made tremendous headway into organizing and streamlining the EDIC so the committee could do its job.  


The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda to please come forward. There was no one.



EDIC Element (Potential Properties/Land Swap)

No Update

Michael Galasso

The chairman reviewed that he had sent everyone a copy of the proposal that came from RKG to provide updated numbers for the housing needs assessment that was done in 2014. Virginia Carmichael (current Chairman Community Preservation Committee) spoke to the committee. She reviewed the demographics from the report, saying all info is included but it’s not tied together to show exactly what is needed. She said we need a quantified analysis of what the needs are, the data to show what the priorities are, what groups need housing first, and what is most important for the community. She went on to say that if EDIC is planning to pay for this be sure we are getting the quantified analysis needed including tables with explanatory text showing the sources of data and what assumptions led to the estimate.

Moran asked questions to clarify that RKG was going to use the most recent data available not just tying together the demographic data from the original report.

Holly Wilson from the Affordable Housing Committee said that the EDIC was involved with the round table discussions on housing needs and that the EDIC has the flexibility and funds to update this report.

Fox stated that this was a planning board job. He said the study that was done answered a lot of questions and showed us we need workforce housing. He also said the EDIC should not be spending money to update planning board studies. A discussion followed.  Moran thought the EDIC would be filling a gap giving the town precise needs for town boards and future developers. Simmler asked if the report would be to some demographic standard so when different people use it would be good enough to meet the criteria for loans and grants. The chairman said this would and could be used by a developer to show the project he is proposing fulfills the needs as shown in the report. As of now the current report is broad and does not address the different income levels and what is needed for each. The updated report will.

Carmichael added that once the report is complete the Board of Selectmen would use it to evaluate projects; town management would use it to formulate RFPS; The Zoning Board, The Planning Board and developers would all use it as it would directly tie into the financial planning and the feasibility of a project.

Sam Patterson said this report is essentially enabling developers to evaluate their risk for a given project. He went on to say he sees the Planning Board’s function is one of by-laws and by-law facilitation to allow these developments to take place. 

The chairman stated that Judy from RKG was the owner of the report. The chairman said that he would check with Frank Duffy before he signed a contract with RKG.

Moran then made a motion for the chair to execute the contract with RKG providing that RKG uses the most updated data and that Town Counsel affirms Judy at RKG as the owner of the original report. The motion was seconded by Bartlett. The vote was taken and it passed 4-2.

Michael Galasso

  • Plans and the specifications are being readied to go out to bidders.
  • A set of project documents are being reviewed.
  • Clerk of the Works and the architect are meeting weekly.
  • We are trying to attract a smaller contractor as well as a local one.
  • Project to bid will be on the central register on the 18th of this month.
  • Release the bid documents on the 24th of this month.
  • File sub bids Sept. 14th.
  • General Contractor’s bids due on Sept. 21st.
  • Award the bids on Sept. 27th.
  • Construction to begin Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st

Moran asked if there were plans to interview the finalists. The chairman responded yes, saying each bidder has to fill out a form from the state saying what they are qualified to do. We can eliminate anyone not qualified to do an historical renovation project.

The chairman said they have met with the SSA and Peter Pan and it was decided not to move the boarding process and the extra buses would be stored at the SSA parking lot on Gifford Street.

The chairman said there is a need to finish the negotiations with Peter Pan and Moran said she would assist Fox in finalizing a new lease.

The chairman reviewed the info he had sent out to the committee members regarding connecting FS to the rest of the community and particularly to the bike path. He said there is no money available in the budget to do the extra landscaping. He stated that there is a new program announced by Mass Development called “Commonwealth Places” which can provide a grant up to $50,000.00 for community project such as this. It is a combination of a grant and a “Kickstart” campaign. He said there is a whole organization set up that helps you organize a Kickstart campaign. He said the state would match dollar for dollar for public placed projects such as this one. He also said that he has been involved in a couple of webinars and talked about the program and what type of projects they are looking for. He thought that making the connection crossing over the railroad tracks would be a good candidate for this program. A brief discussion followed and it was made clear we need to include the bikeway committee and get their input. The discussion included bringing in railroad cars as part of the scope of this project.

Jim Fox

Fox reported that the project is going full speed ahead. The access road is going in. Concrete pads are going in this week. Solar panels should start going in during the month of September. The chairman stated that we put in a webcam in the RFP. Fox stated that a camera would be put ideally at the top of the hill. Fox will check with EverSource to make sure that they are ready to hook up when it is finished. 

The chairman said that the Real Estate committee will be taking on some of the responsibilities connected to the FS project.

Chris Langlais

Langlais reported that as of the end of July 2016, the EDIC had total assets of 1.8 million dollars comprised mainly of real estate (1.65 million). We have $ 393,000. in cash on the balance sheet and our liabilities are $17,000. in current accounts payables. He presented a warrant 17,852.25.  The chairman stated that roughly $14,000.00 would be reimbursed by Mass DOT for the FS project. A motion to approve the warrant was made by Moran and seconded by Fox. It passed unanimously.

Zavala's report was circulated.

Moran reported the current information survey is available online. Bartlett urged everyone to go online and take the survey.

Moran reported Zavala’s report had been sent out. It was noted that Weyand had no content to put into the new website format. Fox will send all of his photos and the power point presentations to Weyand. Bartlett was put in charge of getting an estimate from Brian Switzer to do an aerial video of all of our projects.

Fox made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 12, 2016 EDIC Public session. Bartlett seconded the motion. The motion was approved. 

10:00 am

The chairman brought to the attention “Cape Space”,  a shared work space in Hyannis.  He said it seems to be a trend that is happening. Patterson added that when the library had its focus groups that same need arose and it was something they wanted to look at.  He doubted that they had enough finances to include a facility like that.


The chairman reported that he has sent a couple of emails to the town manager offering the EDIC’s help on anything regarding acquiring the Coonamessett Inn. He said if there was a role for us to play in the acquisition or redevelopment of the property we would be interested.

Fox said there are some once in a lifetime opportunities that he would like to see the EDIC play a part in. He said that as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and MBL are shrinking there are several properties that are for sale that offer a great opportunity. He also said that there is a cultural group that is trying to save the Dome and trying to make it a cultural center. He said they would like to come and talk to us at our next meeting.

Pitch Contest – Bartlett will update the EDIC at the next meeting.

10:25 am Meeting Adjourned

September 13, 2016, 8:30AM

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