Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler, Jim Fox
Absent: Brooks Bartlett

* 8:30am
The chairman called the meeting to order as a quorum was established. He announced that Jay Zavala submitted his resignation due to personal issues. He appreciates the time and effort Zavala has put into the EDIC and he will be sorely missed. Galasso went on to say that he organized us in a time when we really needed it. Moran stated Zavala made tremendous headway into organizing and streamlining the EDIC which allowed the committee to do its job more efficiently. 


BOS 5-YR STRATIGIC PLAN – The chairman delayed this topic until we discussed the landfill project.

HOUSING STUDY PROPOSAL UPDATE–Galasso reported that he will meet with Judy Barrett of RKG Associates this week to get the work started. She will have an updated proposal and contract for the chairman to execute. (The committee authorized it at the August meeting) He said it will take a month for the first draft and the board can review and revise it. The final report should be completed by the end of October.

Michael Galasso
The chairman reported that all the bids from contractors and subcontractors should be in by next Wednesday and by the end of next week we will know if we are in budget and who the contractors will be. There will be a public notice issued once a contractor is named and we are within our budget. It will also let the public know the scope of the work being done and that the station building will be closed but buses will still be operating from the parking lot. A discussion followed on the temporary restroom and ticket office location. Moran will be the contact with our attorney. Once a decision is made on the location they will then get PP to sign off on any changes and get the revisions to Moynahan for a new lease.

Simmler introduced a schedule on the reimbursement expenses for the FS Project. The committee as a whole thought it was very informative. Moran thought it would be a good idea to post it on our website. Simmler said he would get it revised so it would be easier for a non-construction person to read and understand.

Galasso noted that Bartlett was informed by the Elks. They said they did not have the money to pay the EDIC for parking on the FS property. Moran was put in charge of talking to our attorney to notify the Elks and the other abutters to enter into an agreement with us or do not use the property. 

Chris Simmler

Simmler reported that he has not scheduled an advisory committee meeting until the bids come in. He reported that he has reviewed the items given to him from Zavala. It included a list of 11 items the committee would like to have if there is money available. He said he would schedule a meeting of the FS Advisory Committee within a couple of weeks. A brief discussion followed on applying for a grant from Commonwealth Places to connect the bike path with the station. A motion was made by Moran that the board authorize Simmler to proceed to apply for a grant from Commonwealth Places to connect the station with the bike path. It was seconded and passed unanimously. Simmler said he would review the original plans and review it with the FS Advisory Committee at their next meeting.

Jim Fox
Fox presented a power point presentation on the landfill project showing the progress that has been completed. He reported the project is on time, on schedule and on budget. The goal is to be ready for connection to the grid by December 1st. Fox then showed the committee a piece of land that abuts the landfill. It is ideal for the 2 megawatt project that Citizens energy had agreed to which will give utility credits for the 200 qualified families in Falmouth. He said the town owns it and cannot be used for tech park expansion. 

Chris Langlais


Chris Langlais
Langlais presented the EDIC’s Financial statement as of August 31st, 2016. He said we had total assets of 1.81 million dollars including real estate holdings and cash. He then presented a warrant for $ 28,115.00. A motion was made and seconded to approve the warrant. It passed unanimously.

Chris Simmler

Simmler has been making inquiries into the pharmaceutical/health care industry focusing on the incubator companies that are moving to western Mass. He will then get back to the committee to form a marketing plan. The chairman noted that there are a few buildings that have been for sale in the park. Moran said that we will have a button on the new website that will show what real estate is available.(with permission ofthe owners)  She said we should make it known to any property owners in the park to see if they would like to be listed on it. Moran also said they we would be able to tout our tax rate. Fox stated Falmouth’s tax rate is really low as we have a lot of waterfront property that is very highly assessed. This allows the rate on most properties in town to be low.

The chairman said we need to replace the sign at the park that was knocked down by a plow this winter. The chairman said we have $25,000 put aside for the park. 


Susan Moran

Moran said she was getting together with Carol McLeod next week. The chairman said that Bartlett had received an estimate from Brian Swtizer’s Video/Drone Co. to make a video about Falmouth that would be included on the new website. The chairman said they had asked Switzer’s estimate to include where the employment centers are such as Woods Hole & the Tech Park, but also include Main Street. Moran made a motion to allocate up to $3,000.00 and to review the proposal for drone photography that will eventually be used on our website. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Fox stated the he has pursued a similar quest for his business and said he would share it with the EDIC. It highlights all of the beautiful beaches in Falmouth as well as a detailed look at Main Street.

2016 FALMOUTH ANNUAL REPORT – The chairman handed out a draft that will go into the annual town report. He asked to please mark it up and reduce the verbiage in it. We need to get it turned in by Friday. Langlais was put in charge of this project.

STAFFING NEEDS – OFFICE / STORAGE – Moran reviewed the input she was given by the committee members for the administrative job description responsibilities. They included the following;

  • updating the website directly
  • manage an office
  • perform related administrative tasks like phone calls, record keeping and filing
  • putting together the annual report
  • collecting and distributing mail and sending out notices
  • posting meetings and attending some meetings
  • have social media skills
  • marketing the solar field

 Most members thought that we should start out this position working 20 hours per week. Fox said we may want to start out at 40 hours until we get caught up. The chairman said we should write a job description. This position would be set up as an independent contractor.

Moran wanted to update some of the committee assignments. As a result it will look like this:

5 Year Strategic Plan / Brooks
Housing Study proposal / Mike
Falmouth Station/ Mike(C) & Susan
Landfill Solar Project / Jim
Tech Park / Chris & Chris
Broadband / Brooks & Susan
Website / Susan

MEETING MINUTES – A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the August 9th EDIC Meeting It passed unanimously.



The chairman announced that we received a letter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Historic Commission saying that even though the Falmouth Station is not on the historical list it is an important structure and that we make sure we take care of renovating it.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


PITCH CONTEST UPDATE – Brooks will update us at the next meeting.

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS – A brief discussion included re-establishing our goals, mission statement, logo, branding, and filling the vacant spot on the board. After a brief discussion the board decided to keep the 5 Year plan on the agenda.


A motion was made to adjourn the regular meeting session and to go into executive session to consider a possible real estate acquisition, not to return to regular session. The vote was: Mike Galasso Aye, Susan Moran Aye, Chris Langlais Aye, Chris Simmler Aye, Jim Fox Aye.

Moved to Executive Session.

October 11th, 2016,  8:30am

* Times listed are intended merely for guidance.


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