Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Mike Galasso(Ch), Jay Zavala (Clerk), Chris Langlais (T), Sue Moran, Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett.


The chairman called the meeting to order. He asked for a moment of silence to honor the Orlando victims.


There was none.


Heather McElroy and Leslie Richardson from the Cape Cod Commission made a presentation to the board on the Davis Straits Vision Plan. The area the plan includes begins on Main street going east from Scranton Ave. onto Davis Straits up to Worcester Court. The second part of the plan is creating a greenway along the Little Pond Brook from Little Pond to Teaticket Park. McElroy said their goal was to make recommendations on a redevelopment plan that included how to differentiate this area from different parts of town, make it more pedestrian friendly, and define its character through zoning. The Commission is seeking input from the various abutters and groups in town pertaining to what they would like to see as part of the redevelopment plan. McElroy stated that the Commission’s timeline on this project includes discussing their recommendations at a joint meeting with the Selectmen and Planning Board this July, developing a preliminary plan by September and making a final report in the fall. The board asked a lot of questions and was concerned with the types of jobs that would be created in this plan. Galasso asked why the area between Shore Street and Scranton not included in this plan. He said it appears that there is a gap and it doesn’t make sense to not include this area in the plan. He also added that if this is going to be a redevelopment project, Falmouth needs a redevelopment agency in order to implement the project. He thanked Heather and Leslie for taking time to bring the EDIC up to date.


The chairman introduced Michael Kasperian CEO Falmouth Chamber of Commerce. Michael highlighted his work experience and expertise that included 21 years in the banking industry and several years working on fundraising at the hospital. Kasperian made a strong presentation to the board highlighting his strengths and how he would make a good fit and work with all the members. The board had a few questions that were answered. Galasso thanked Kasperian and said the board would not take a vote on Michael at this time as the window was still open and other applicants could apply.


Bartlett reported that he met with the town manager and they have developed a plan of action that include presenting the plan to the Selectmen and Planning Board. Once approved the town manager can organize the resources to go forward. Fox disagreed with this strategy. He said we need to look at the parcel of land that the town owns that is landlocked on Thomas Landers Road. It is a long thin parcel and the topography is tough. Part of it is zoned Light Industrial C and some of it is Agricultural. Fox’s recommendation was that we go to the selectmen with a letter of intent to give us an amount of time to develop a plan so that if we spend money to develop a plan we don’t get knocked out by a private firm. He thinks we should all walk the parcel along with Citizens Energy to see if we should move forward. Fox said he would do a walking tour of the parcel and will invite any of the board members to go along. Brooks and Fox will get back to the board with a plan. The chairman asked Fox to set a date for a walk on the parcel and will send out an email to everyone so they may join in. Then at the next meeting Fox will report his findings.

Galasso reported that there was nothing new. He referred to a recent article in the Enterprise that there is some new legislation coming out that would require the town to come up with areas that would have Multi-Family Density Uses. Right now the most dwelling on an acre is six. A brief discussion followed on the current zoning by-laws.


Zavala made a presentation and update on the website improvements with the assistance of Barbara Weyand. Zavala will send out an email for ideas about content and asking for them to be returned within a week.

David Eldredge (a former board member) gave an update on the FS project.

  • The committee has received a revised construction estimate from the estimator. It is very close to the original budget. Final drawings are being prepared for a final review and the project will go out to bid.
  • Provided the estimates come back in line with the budget the construction should start mid to late fall of 2016.
  • Last week a meeting was held with Peter Pan to discuss the logistics during construction of the station. There was discussion about using the SSA parking lot for the buses. A meeting will be scheduled.
  • The next meeting of the FS advisory Committee is scheduled for June 21st
  • Advertising for bids will start the middle of July
  • Awarding bids the end of August
  • Construction to start the end of September Zavala asked if he could have a copy of the reports to share with the advisory committee. Fox asked where the most significant changes were in the budget. Eldredge explained that it was the masonry work. Moran asked if there is a backup plan if the SSA site doesn’t work out. Eldredge said they could put a trailer on site and still park at the SSA. The Thomas Landers parking lot could also be considered to park the buses overnight.

The chairman said Citizens wants to have a Friday 24th of June groundbreaking at the landfill. Fox said construction should start by the end of the month. REAL ESTATE-Langlais reported that our accountant has added the 5 parcels of land we own to the balance sheet at a value of $1,165,000. Fox added that he should include our landfill leasehold agreement. Langlais will discuss it with our accountant.

After updating our account balances Langlais reported Warrant for $7,175.94. A motion made and seconded. It was approved unanimously.

Zavala reported that after meeting with Dan Webb he found no dues being collected and there are no association meetings at the park. Zavala has scheduled another meeting with Webb on June 20th. The DPW acknowledges that the old water tower needs a face lift to the tune of 1.5 million dollars and they will try and get this done in the next two years. Moran and Langlais will ask Frank Duffy if there is a lease with the water tower.

Zavala reported that he spoke to Steve Johnston of Open Cape and he said that OC is about one week away from launching crowd fiber site that will generate all of the data. He said he would be happy to come and talk to the board. Zavala said he would put him on the agenda for next month.


Galasso said that he appreciated all the time and effort being put in by the board members on all of our projects. He said the EDIC has two very important ones that need to have our attention to go to meeting and make decisions as they develop. He suggested that we issue an RFP for a “Part Time Project Manager” to oversee our two projects. There was a discussion on the position with a job description and where the money would come from. Galasso said both projects have management fees built in and they could be used. The board thought that it needed to have another meeting this month to discuss further. It was decided that we need to have a meeting in two weeks on June 28th at 8:30 at the town hall. Galasso said he would have a draft of an RFP and a scope of work along with a source of funds.

Motion to approve Mays meeting notes was made and seconded and passed unanimously.



Zavala reported that he attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Plymouth Airport for the CCCC new training facility. This is an example of education creating jobs in the aviation industry. Zavala suggested that we have President Cox speak to the EDIC in the future. Galasso brought the article on the front page of the paper this week about the decrease in Falmouth’s population to under 30,000. Our high school had one of the smallest graduating classes ever. We’re not only getting smaller but we’re getting older and that will have an impact on businesses in the community.

There was a brief discussion about how the items get on the agenda. Fox wants more Board participation. Future items to consider include Light Industrial C, Water Tower, School Committee electrical bills, and Pitch contest Executive Session. Vote by Galasso, Zavala, Brooks, Fox to go into Executive Session to discuss negotiations with Elks. Public Meeting adjourned.

June 28th, 8:30 AM Town Hall


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