Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Susan Moran (VC),  Christopher Langlais (T) Christopher Simmler (C), Michael Galasso, Brooks Bartlett
Absent: Christopher Land (C)

8:30 am
Having established a quorum, the vice -chairwoman called the meeting to order.  

8:30 am

8:30 am
Paul Burke, Applicant for EDIC Board Position

  • Works at Cape Cod Five Savings Bank in the Trust Dept., Investor Services.
  • Moved to Falmouth a year ago, but he has been visiting Falmouth for many years.  His wife is from Falmouth and was raised here.  Her father owned a business in town.  Paul claims strong roots in Falmouth.
  • Has a degree in economics.  30+ years in financial industry.
  • Worked for American Express Corp. for 20 years.  Managed large international corporate relationships.
  • Employed by TD Ameritrade as a financial consultant.
  • Decided to move permanently to Falmouth and would like to be more involved and contribute to the community.
  • Chris Langlais recommended Paul and spoke of his wealth of experience in business financial matters.
  • Bartlett made a motion to consider Paul Burke as an EDIC Board Member.  Langlais 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.

Mike Crowley
General Manager, Ryan Family Amusements

  • Mr. Crowley joined Ryan Family Amusements in 2010 so that Mr. Ryan could retire.

  • Been in this business for 51 years.

  • Ryans was losing money in 2010 when he arrived – for the first time. 

  • Made changes in technology – moved away from cash systems and installed debit card systems.  It turned the company around.

  • Originally Ryans was just a vendor and supplied games all over the Cape, but they now also partner with other business and support various entertainment venues/processes.  Pirates Cove, Yarmouth - run their POS system.  Cape Codder Water Park – run their game room and POS systems.  Adding POS systems to camp grounds all over the Cape.  Partnered with Chapins Restaurant, Dennis, and a new store in CC Mall, bowling alley, bar and restaurant and an arcade.  Cape Codder Hotel - Ryans Amusements built a new arcade building onto their property.

  • The debit card is branded with Ryan Family Amusements logo as well as all their partners so the card can be used in any of the places; and a points reward system is in place for usage.

  • They offer laser tag at the CC Mall and have two more planned to open.

  • They have 150 employees, the majority at the Cape Cod Mall. 

  • Ryan Amusements does not own the Falmouth building site, it is leased, but they are updating the front of the building and adding a new roof.

Bobbi Richards
Affordable Housing Committee

  • FHA requested funding for 2 generators at two small public housing properties:  Salt Sea on Scranton Avenue, and the Choate Lane community.

  • Estimates for the cost of 2 generators is approximately $17K.

  • Moran understands the need and thinks it is a great idea, but does not see the connection with job creation, which is the primary responsibility of the EDIC.  It is not within the EDIC mission.

  • Galasso thinks part of our mission is to assist affordable housing.  He cites loans the EDIC has provided to other non-profits.  Galasso suggests the EDIC try to structure a low interest loan for this project.  He thinks keeping our seniors safe is important.

  • Richards has not developed a plan to repay a loan but would consider it.

  • Richard has expressed interest in Open Cape as it would extend to the Harbor Master and would include 2 of their properties. Through this extension, it allows their residents to have access and connection to employment opportunities.  The generators will allow wifi access in the warming centers at these locations.

  • Richards would consider using a generator company located in Falmouth for the project to assist with the economic goals of the EDIC.

  • Moran suggested a loan discussion to be discussed at the next board meeting, with a Falmouth jobs creation and affordable housing connections.

  • Bartlett made a motion to extend the discussion on this subject to allow time to research the matter and think about how a loan may fit into the EDIC mission.  Simmler 2nd.  Moran suggested the Board contemplates actual prices of the generators from a Falmouth provider, FHA ability to repay a loan and a loan interest rate.  All in favor.  Approved.

8:57 am

  • Simmler advised a letter was sent to all Tech Park residents via email and mailed letter – soliciting applicants for the EDIC Board of Directors.  There was not any response from the tenants or owners.
  • Moran suggested the Board keep attempting to reach out to the Tech Park population, and to contact Dan Webb again as he appears to be a good spokesman for the community.
  • Galasso spoke to Mass Development and discovered they have a $250K grant they’d like to use in Falmouth for a co-working space.  Galasso thinks it is greatly needed in Falmouth.
  • CCC Study – for a Tech Park development master plan. Simmler stated this request needs to be brought to the Town Selectmen from the EDIC Board.  Galasso supports this study as only half the Tech Park is built out.
  • Moran is concerned that this would be overstepping because the property Owners are not participating. She is concerned the EDIC will spend money on the study, and it is being done without the input and support of the Owners and Tenants.  Moran thinks the Tech Park community needs to be part of any development activities.
  • Galasso to approach two of the business owners he is acquainted with in the Tech Park, to try to generate some interest for the study and participation with the EDIC.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler directed the Board to refer to the Station Update worksheet.
  • Received a $250 donation from Dr. Deborah DeMarco and her husband Dr. Joel Gore, local residents, who wanted to support the Falmouth Station by funding one of the picnic tables.  The EDIC greatly appreciates it and thanks them.
  • The Falmouth Art Center delivered and hung artwork at the Station.  It looks wonderful.  Thank you to them.
  • Another trip occurred on the Station front step.  Beacon Architect has provided a proposal of $1,510 to inspect and design a plan of adding railings to alleviate this tripping issue.
  • Simmler made a motion to engage Beacon Architects to study the Station egress and entrances for trip hazards and provide drawings so the work can be bid out to local firms.  Langlais 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.
  • Simmler thanked the Falmouth Garden Club for supplying the flowers and planting the Station window boxes.
  • Simmler thanked Peggy Nickerson and the Steamship authority for fixing the pot holes in the access road to the Station.  As well, the SSA added a “Buses Only” sign at the Palmer Avenue end of the road.  The EDIC will be adding “Do Not Enter” sign from the Station end of the access road – so it will remain a one-way road.
  • The Station Grill is evolving and growing.  It is generating a lot of excitement in community.  Many of the public are using the Grill.  Chef John is doing a great job.  Insurance and all permits received.  In September the EDIC will consider a longer-term lease with the intent of revenue generation.
  • Moran stated there has been talk about finding a way to connect Main Street with Highfield Hall, and perhaps the Station can assist with this.  Moran suggested inviting the Highfield Director to tour the Station – to look for ideas for a further connection to downtown.
  • Jim Fox advised there are 2 rail cars that the Dept. of Transportation wants to give away for free.  They need to be transported to the Station – estimated expense for this is $15K.  Jim suggested that The Friends of Falmouth Station borrow this amount for this purpose, and then pay them back over time by revenue generated by having events.  Simmler added that one of the cars is a passenger car, the other is a box car.  The DOT will scrap them soon if not taken.  Jim Fox offered to go out to inspect these railroad cars and report to the Board at the next meeting.  Simmler to research other options for transportation of the cars and via alternative vehicles and locations, to reduce the truck/tow expense.
  • Fox wants to get the events going at the Station, and it will be a focus and primary function of the Friends of Falmouth Station.
  • Fox intends to bring to the EDIC Board a plan for the Friends of Falmouth Station and slate of Board Members for them to approve soon.  Paul and Suzanne Glynn are offering their legal services free to the Friends for the establishment of the 501(c)3 organization.
  • Holly Wilson advised she received $350 in donations at the Cinco de Mayo event.  She is uncertain where to deposit this money.  Langlais suggested to open a Friends of Falmouth Station bank account for their on-going use.  Holly stated that a storage unit is needed, and she would like to fund raise for this firstly.  Simmler suggested maybe one of the rail cars could provide a space for this.  
  • Simmler presented a proposal from Clover to widen and line the walkway thru the berms at the Station and repair the curb around the 2 berms.  Simmler made a motion to approve the $3,200 contract to proceed with this work.  Bartlett 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.
  • Fox suggested Station Grill signs on the bike path – 2 signs.  Moran suggested this be discussed with Chef John once a longer-term lease contract is signed.  Simmler said he felt signage is a business expense that should be funded by the tenant.

Jim Fox

  • Fox did not have anything new to share.

  • Fox suggested that a new member be selected to take over these responsibilities. Moran directed this to be an agenda item for next month.

Chris Langlais  
No update.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented financial data as of May 31, 2018.  Assets are $637K, with $505K in cash and $85K in real estate (cost value).  Liabilities are only for A/P in the amount of $11,895.38 and additional prepaid expense of $2,592.92. 

  • Galasso made a suggestion that the EDIC move some of the Cash Assets into a Money Market account to earn better interest.  Moran directed this be an agenda item for another meeting.

  • Simmler made a motion to approve the Warrant for $11,895.38.  Bartlett 2nd.  All in favor. Approved.

Michael Galasso, Brooks Bartlett

  • Galasso advised that our Local Representative added $80K to the state budget for Open Cape.  If approved, the EDIC will not have to borrow as much as previously estimated.
  • Still soliciting merchants to sign up for Open Cape.  Once they reach 40 applicants, they will satisfy the requirements by Mass Development and the project can proceed.

Chris Land

To be continued at the next meeting.

9:30 am


  •  Simmler made a motion to approve the May 8, 2018 Board Meeting minutes.  Galasso 2nd.  Moran, Barlett, Langlais abstained.  All others in favor.  Approved.
  • Simmler made a motion to approve the May 8, 2018 Executive Session Meeting minutes.  Galasso 2nd.  Moran, Barlett, Langlais abstained.  All others in favor.  Approved


  • Christopher Langlais’ term expires 6/30/18.  This is his last board meeting.  Moran thanked Langlais for his service with the EDIC as well as his other volunteering commitments in Falmouth.  Langlais stated it was a privilege to work on the EDIC Board; it was a great opportunity and was very nice.


  • Moran is still reaching out to potential applications

9:33 am

Guest Speaker - Black Dog Store – Frank Geishecker, Store Manager
Discuss Future Projects
Webpage – Update and Development and a New Business Contest
Station – TV Monitor Advertising - Policy and Pricing

9:43 am

A motion was made by Langlais to adjourn the meeting.  Galasso 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.

July 10, 2018,  8:30am


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