Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox
Absent:  Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

* 8:30am
Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda.  None come forward.

Joe DiBiase, Director of Marketing, Sunpower by BlueSel Home Solar,

  • Headquartered in Sandwich, MA.

  • Here to propose “Falmouth goes Solar”, based on the Solarized Mass. Clean Energy Center.

  • U.S. based company – in business 30+ years.

  • Only solar company that manufactures and sells only thru approved dealer network.

  • First “master” dealer in Massachusetts.  Only 28 “master” dealers nationally.

  • Awarded Best of Boston Home – best solar installer for west of Boston.

  • They are local on Cape Cod.

  • Highest quality available, very low failure rate, most efficient, 25-year warranty – equipment included.

  • Buy or Lease the system.

  • In 2016 Falmouth: from Mass. Clean Energy: 237 installed (by all companies): 167 leased, 70 purchased.

  • $5.8 M Leased systems. $2.1M for Purchased systems.

  • Tax Credits available for those who purchased.

  • Average cost for a SunPower system is $36K.  When tiers are reached by quantity purchased in Falmouth, buyers will receive discounts on the price of the system.

  • Sunpower wants EDIC to partner/support/promote solar energy in Falmouth.

  • Sunpower spoke about a donation to the EDIC i.e. an array on roof of the bus station or an electric vehicle charging station, or payment of some sort to meet solar goals in Falmouth.

    Moran suggested having Sunpower on the agenda for the July Board Meeting for further discussion. Simmler suggested there may be some opportunities in the Tech Park for use of solar energy.   

Stacie Peugh, President and CEO, YMCA Cape Cod,

  • Gave an overview of the YMCA.

  • A non-profit – 50 years on Cape Cod – locally run.  Nationally for 173 years. 

  • Provided visuals of current Y Buildings to give the Board an idea of what they are looking for.

  • Focus currently is on needs in Falmouth and Upper Cape – youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program launched – Falmouth Service Center.

  • Created an Early Learning Ctr. - No. Falmouth Congregation Church.

  • Working with the Falmouth Public Schools – Re: After school program.

  • Capital Planning Process handout was distributed. 

  • Market and Community Needs Research found that a YMCA would be supported in Falmouth.

  • Their Board voted to move forward in the process of a YMCA building project in Falmouth.

  • Getting ready for a capital campaign.

  • Project Scope Definition being worked on for the general building design.

  • Target cost for the best possible scenario is $20M, without land or site development.

  • Would like land 1-2 miles from the High School. 

  • 7 of the 28 YMCA Cape Cod Board Members are from Falmouth.

    Galasso referenced the EDIC’s intention to enhance the Tech Park community this year – to make it a mixed used community. 

India Rose, CEO,
Summer Service Training Program

  • Proposal distributed for Customer Service Certification and Job Clearing House / Job Matching.

  • They applied for Town grant – no guarantee to be funded the $6K.

  • Total budget of $12,500 to fund the entire program for the year.

  • Program will include and collaborate with local schools, small businesses, non-profits, etc.

  • Identifies missing skills in training/education and will assist with those gaps.

  • Helps to find the talent businesses’ needs, to build a resource pool and solve retention and customer service issues.

  • Will track all data in their database, and will measure the results.

  • Customer Service Certification not possible in Falmouth schools this spring…not enough time to implement.

  • Advised that CS Academy is possible this summer - for a fee $25 for adult job seekers for CS Certification.  Either paid by employee or business owner.  No fee for teen job seekers. 

  • Only a fee of $15 per job listing; a commitment fee for open positions. 

    Moran thinks it may be possible that the Chamber of Commerce will assist.  And the pool of students/businesses can be used via interviews, to determine how Falmouth EDIC can better serve the Falmouth community.  Galasso suggested a CS Academy this summer, for employees already in place.  Moran suggested that a couple board members work with CEO to research further how EDIC can assist CEO with a more detailed proposal, to be discussed at a future board meeting. Galasso also suggested that it would be helpful if we are to support CEO that a member of there is from the Falmouth community.  Moran and Bartlett volunteered to work as a sub-committee with India Rose on next steps.

Michael Galasso

  • We did meet deadline.  Peter Pan in the building.  Project is 90% done.  Touch up and landscaping still needs to be done. 

  • Grand Opening target date is July 27th.

  • Awaiting canopy to ship from FL within the next 2 weeks.

  • Items not in the original SOW with MassDOT are needed to finish the job.  A budget and list of expense items was distributed and reviewed by Simmler.  Simmler advised it would be approximately an additional $40K to complete job – over MassDOT funding.  Galasso requested that the EDIC Board allocate this additional funding.  A motion was made by Fox to fund $42,868 to fund this expense, Bartlett 2nd.  All in Favor (excluding Moran – absent).  Passed.

  • Café vendors are still being investigated.  No response to RFP as published/advertised.

  • Fox went on record saying he did not think a café would be profitable to a contractor.  Galasso disagreed.  Fox is thinking about a creative lease agreement to recruit a vendor for service.

  • Fox is also working on a parking fee program plan.  Galasso wants Fox to obtain approval from MassDOT prior to implementing.

  • Fox made a motion to approve $39,510 to Clover Landscaping to complete land clearing and landscaping project at the Station.  2nd by Bartlett.  All in Favor. (Moran/Langlais – absent).  Passed.

  • Fox had some lease negotiations with Peter Pan.  Does not suggest we do a long-term lease at this time.  They will be paying 100% operating costs.  When we obtain another tenant, then we will negotiate a rent.

  • Broderick advised that Pest Control companies has inspected and provided service plans/proposals.

  • Broderick advised that the Falmouth Artist’s Guild are willing and excited to be able to place some of their artwork in the Falmouth Station.  Fox suggested some framed maps that he has in his possession.  Galasso agreed.

Jim Fox

  • All done. 

  • Galasso wants a display that shows how much energy is used.  Broderick thinks that it was posted on the site last month.

Chris Langlais

  • No new update.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of May 31, 2017.  Total assets $1.4M, include $1.165M in real estate, $150K in cash.  Just received since this report a reimbursement from MassDOT in the amount of $235K.  Liabilities include $27,670. in AP.

  • Warrant – presented for $39,522. includes the AP plus $11,852. in previously paid items.

  • A motion was made by Moran, and 2nd by Simmler, to approve the warrant.  All in favor.  Passed.

  • Simmler requested a Station operational budget once we have a better idea of expense.

  • Value of Lease Assets to balance sheet is premature, but will be added in the future.

  • Land suggested that when we hire outside counsel for EDIC business, that it is voted on prior to retaining someone.

Chris Simmler/ Jim Fox

  • Fox was successful in having Falmouth GIS to provide a map of buildings in the Tech Park, tenancy detail, etc. and he hired a photographer to take pictures of the park.  He sent info to CoStar, a national group who is updating their national sites with this information.  Prior to this, we were left out of this service.  Now this information is available to the general real estate population.

  • Land advised WHOI - Makers Lab for 3D printing open to public soon. Other business can be members and use it, exclusion manufacturing.  Might team well with Tech to put manufacturing piece to the Tech Park.

  • Simmler provided and reviewed 2 Tech Park Design concepts for new signing at the Tech Park (Main Entrance and Directory), requesting feedback.  Simmler asked for feedback.  Discussion on where to place signs.  Galasso and Fox liked designs.  It was suggested that Directory Sign should be paid for by businesses in Tech Park.

  • Holmes & McGrath working on study to determine how much land is available for development and/or use. 

  • Budget is approximately $17K for the sign fabrication.

  • Agreed landscaping should be done at entrances, near new signs.

  • Need to find out who owns the land on the entrance corners.

  • Simmler to get a price for 2 main entrance signs.

  • Simmler provided a design for the Solar Array Field sign.  Fox will need to get approval for where we can place the sign.  Fox suggested we contact a Sign Maker for a proposal for design and fabrication for it.  Fox to bring another design to the next Board Meeting.

Brooks Bartlett

Hoping to schedule for late fall or early winter.  Need to discuss expense.

Michael Galasso

  • No Update


A.   APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES - A motion was made by Simmler to approve the May Meeting Minutes.  It was 2nd by Bartlett.  All in favor.  Passed.
B.  EDIC Office Use and Rent Payments - No update. 
C.  Administrator Report – No update.


  • Co-Working Project and Grants - Galasso advised that Mass. Development has money available for a study to look at co-working space and urban manufacturing.  Need to consider the Tech Park for this project.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


  • Joe DiBiase, Sunpower by BlueSel Home Solar - a follow up presentation.
  • Bring a Business Owner – invitee by Bartlett.


A motion was made by Fox to adjourn the regular session meeting.  All in Favor.  Passed.

July 11th, 2017, 8:30am

* Times listed are intended merely for guidance.


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