Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Christopher Langlais (T), Susan Moran, Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

* 8:30am
Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

The chairman asked if there was anyone that would like to speak to the board about anything that was not on the agenda.  None come forward.

Beth Colt, Woods Hole Inn, Quicks Hole Restaurant, Tree House Lodge, Woods Hole, MA,

  • Thanked the Town of service and support after the fire in her restaurant.Worked in Woods Hole 8/10 years.
  • More than a fishing village – 12 restaurants, lots of hotels.
  • cience is a big business in Woods Hole – international draw.
  • The Town needs to keep an eye on any significant funding reductions in science by the U.S. government.  It will have a major trickledown effect to the economics of the Woods Hole community.
  • Thinks all of Cape Cod needs to focus on water quality, especially Falmouth.  We need to good water quality to ensure that tourists continue to visit.
  • Public Transportation needs to be increased and improved.  Cost effective way to deal with housing and parking issues in Woods Hole.
  • Need to think about how to manage and build the off season.  Workers need more work in the off season. We need to encourage off season tourism.
  • The Bike Path is enormous source of business.  50% of her inn guests use the bike path.  Maybe extend and connect it to other bike paths.
  • Need equity in our Tax Policy.  Hospitality tax is 9.7% - it needs to be supported.  Air BNB’s don’t have to pay this tax, and they should.  The playing field not equal and fair to those business who pay the tax to support the town and government.
  • Reduce truck traffic on Woods Hole Road.  It’s a country road and not designed for trucks. Need to look at other options.
  • Need to reform the Town website and online billing system.  It needs to be simpler, esp. for those business owners who have multiple businesses. 
  • Historic Commission needs less red tape, slow, complicated.  Only meet monthly.  No consistency in responses as Board changes frequently.  Challenging to invest in Falmouth because of this.
  • Difficult to find workforce housing.  Not enough people in town to fill summer positions, so it is necessary to bring in outside workers.  A zoning change would be beneficial to allow small spaces for rent.

Allison Leschen, Steering Committee Member, Falmouth Aquatics, Inc.

  • Business established in 2012.
  • A needs assessment was done for aquatics facility in Falmouth.  Created a business model.
  • Energy efficient design:  composting toilets, solar, reuse of gray water, natural gas.
  • Can make an aquatics building successful.  Local 501C3 organization, a non-profit.
  • Run key programs in house.  Rest of classes will be a mix of inhouse and partnerships with other organizations i.e. café, child care, therapy.
  • Facility will also offer pickle ball, exercise classes, yoga, weight training, cardio etc.
  • Received $75K in donations both from organizations and small private donors.
  • Creating a win for the community.  Meets a lot of community needs, with significant employment opportunities.  A destination facility to bring events and visitors to Falmouth.
  • In discussion with Christ Lutheran Church on Brick Kiln Rd. about land they own behind the church.  Excellent site…geographic center of Falmouth, and across the street from the Falmouth H.S.  Hopeful for this site, but still negotiating.
  • Wants to share their vision with EDIC, and would like consideration with assisting with financing. 
  • Site of 5-7 acres, minimum.  Ideal lot size is larger than this.  Building will require 1 acre.
  • Tech Park location would be a central location for this project also.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler provided a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Almost at full spend of $1.4M.
  • Still waiting canopy to ship from FL.
  • Landscaping underway – began work on clearing train tracks.
  • Next step – Clover Landscape to begin clearing and planting of the front of the Station.
  • Paving and line painting to be done after landscaping - in the next 2 weeks.
  • Grand Re-Opening scheduled for July 27th, 2017.  Galasso said this is to be a community celebration.
  • First artwork for Station is being loaned by Jim Fox – maps of Falmouth.  Paul Dreyer also donated a map.  Plan to rotate art thru the Station via various local artists.
  • Holmes & McGrath did a study on parking lots, spaces and design for FEDIC.  37- 40 possible spaces.  Board needs to discuss development of this project.

Jim Fox

  • Phase 2 on hold.  EverSource has no room for any more power.  To tie into it, it would cost $1M.  Citizens Energy not interested in pursuing until we have someone who wants to make use of the power. 
  • Galasso advised wind turbines free up power – 2 megawatts.  Fox let Town Manager know the FEDIC is ready to replace wind turbines system with solar when they are ready. 

Chris Langlais

  • Once we get Peter Pan lease finalized, we can access lease hold value.
  • Galasso thinks Real Estate committee should be responsible for overseeing all the real estate holdings: Falmouth Station, Solar Field and Tech Park.  Thinks we should add another person to the committee.  Believes property management falls under the Real Estate Committee.
  • Adding discussion of this subject to the next board meeting agenda.

Chris Langlais

  • Langlais presented the financials as of June 30, 2017.  Total assets $1.56M, include $1.166M in real estate, $327K in cash.  Expecting a reimbursement from MassDOT in the amount of $235K by next week.  11th reimbursement request for $142K is due in August.  The 12th and final reimbursement request to MassDOT in the estimated amount of $100K will be sent later this week, and will total the $1.4M reimbursement.  Anything over this amount will be paid by FEDIC.  Liabilities are $287 including AP and prepaid items.
  • Warrant – presented for $287K.
  • Langlais advised we received a project management fee $165K for the Falmouth Station.  We’ve spent $30K to date, it’s non-reimbursable.
  • We are just beginning to receive lease payments for the landfill, as well as rent payments from Peter Pan.
  • A motion was made by Moran, 2nd by Bartlett, to approve the warrant.  All in favor.  Passed.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler showed designs by Carol McLeod for entrance sign designs.  Fabrication of sign each sign is $6K – estimated.  With landscaping the 2 signs installed is estimated to be $17 - $20K.
  • Other future phases include directory signs and directions signs.  Need to discuss further with board as additional signing will cost an additional $30-$40K.
  • Galasso believes Tech Park needs updated identification.
  • Chris Simmler to double check with McLeod regarding sign specs and town regulations.  Next step is to bring the sign designs for approval by the Town of Falmouth.
  • Galasso suggested a letter be sent to all Tech Park tenants communicating what we plan on doing with signage in the Tech Park.
  • Galasso advised only 40-50% of the Tech Park built up. 
  • Fox advised many lots are owned by businesses, and we have no control over development of those properties. Properties are under-developed.
  • Galasso supports Tech Park Signage and identification.  Believes we should consider forming business improvement district to generate money to market and maintain the Tech Park.  We need to research empty buildings to assist to fill them.  Suggests FEDIC take action to promote/market the Tech Park.
  • Galasso advised we need a List of Permitted Uses for the Tech Park.  Broderick to post on the website.
  • Hopeful for installation of signs in September. 
  • Simmler to obtain pricing for all components, to bring to the board for later decision on which signs and when to proceed.

Brooks Bartlett

  • Broderick spoke to EforAll director.  Broderick supplied a list of actions that need to place to execute.  It will take approximately $10K to fund this program. 
  • Galasso suggested trying to find other Falmouth organizations that may help to fund this project.
  • Fox stated he thinks we need to finish the Station project, stabilize our finance position, then plan and budget for any new projects. 
  • Board decided to table this project for the time being.

Brooks Bartlett

  • Bartlett to obtain information to put on our website.  Public service messages – surveys.   
  • Bartlett to research High Speed Internet access to Tech Park.

Michael Galasso

Our Consultant is on hold waiting for the results of Cape Cod Commission housing study. Will incorporate some of this information into the Demand Study and will supply a final report.


A.   APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES - A motion was made by Moran to approve the June Meeting Minutes.  It was 2nd by Fox.  All in favor.  Passed.
B.  EDIC Office Use and Rent Payments - No discuss in Executive Session. 
C.  Administrator Report – No update.


Co-Working Project and Grants - Moran advised the Selectman approved the application for grant funding to MBL for co-working space.

Michael Galasso
Nothing to discuss at this time.


  • Chris Land suggested inviting Jim Bellingham, Center for Marine Robotics to the September meeting – talk about how he might be able to use Tech Park.
  • Discussion of Tech Park Signage.
  • Discussion of a Property Manager for all land and lease holdings.
  • Fox suggestion inviting Longfellow Building Design to a future meeting.
  • Moran suggested research of Ocean Wind Development off the coast of Falmouth – research employment opportunities to profile in Falmouth.  Land advised WHOI is working on wind projects.


A motion was made by Moran to adjourn the regular session meeting. 2nd by Fox.  All in Favor.  Passed.

Moved to Executive Session.

August 8th, 2017,  8:30am

* Times listed are intended merely for guidance.


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