Meeting Minutes


Falmouth Town Hall
Selectmens Meeting Room, 59 Town Hall Sq. Falmouth, MA 02540

Christopher Land (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Simmler (Ck), Paul Burke (T), Patti Haney, Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

8:32 am
Having established a quorum, the Chair called the meeting to order. 



Paul Burke and Patti Haney volunteered to join the Tech Park sub-committee, along with Dan Webb and two other Tech Park owner representatives to liaison with the Tech Park community regarding developmental ideas.

Michael Galasso

Galasso referred to the draft of the Mixed-Use Feasibility Study in Falmouth proposal. A question exists if the EDIC must follow the State procurement requirements. Galasso to check with the Procurement Attorney. Galasso expects to obtain at least 3 bids.

The study will determine if a mixed use space is in demand in Falmouth, potential locations, size, the mixed-ed use assortment between small businesses, affordable housing, co-working space, workforce housing, etc. The approximate expense for the study is estimated at $15K.

MOTION: Simmler made a motion for the EDIC to issue an RFP for a Co-working/Mixed- Use space study. Bartlett 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

Simmler advised RFP’s were issued for the Air-Conditioning and Crosswalk projects at the Falmouth Station. For the Air-Conditioning RFP the low bid was $20,669 from MM Environmental Engineering Inc. For the Crosswalk RFP only 1 official bid was received for $59K. Unofficial bids have been arriving with less expensive wood products. Cape Cod Builders provided an official quote for $32K using pressure treated wood. Simmler asked for Board feedback. Discussion ensured.

Simmler mentioned the public is crossing the railroad tracks, walking over the stones and rails is difficult. As well, part of the original planning was to include an easy access connection to the Bikeway Path.

Simmler advised the AC was the priority project of the two. The Grill refrigeration equipment is breaking down due to the heat/humidity – as well the Station patrons complained about the excessive heat during last summer.

Land’s general concern is the investment amount and the economic development will be a zero sum. Thinks these investments will only divert the business and not adding any economic development to the Town.

Galasso thinks the AC is required if only for Patron comfort; his concern is that the EDIC use a reputable contractor and the installation is done well and in a timely manner. Regarding the Crosswalk, Galasso reminded the Board that previous discussions for funding included searching out grants.

Simmler to reach out to the MASSDOT, Mass Development, Jonathan Burke from Patronicity, to find out if /when additional funding may become available for this project.

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the proposal for the Air-Conditioning for the Falmouth and hold off on the Crosswalk project for the time being. Bartlett 2nd. Land requests that Galasso review the final design and specs to ensure it will meet adequate appearance standards. Moran abstained. All else in favor. Approved.

Simmler to relook at Crosswalk funding options and design to see if there exist possible avenues to reduce the expense for the EDIC. Land suggested a reduced design that could build up in later years.

The Railroad History event arranged by the was well received; about 50-80 people attended. Cape Cod RTA representatives attended. Chef John provided free appetizers and beverages,

An Ice Cream social is the next planned event – sometime this summer. All Board Members are requested to attend.

A Peter Pan Lease is being reviewed and redrafted with Atty. Moynihan. She will evolve the Tenant at Will of Operation Costs agreement into a longer-term standard Lease agreement – Simmler suggested 3 years - $4K a month.

Moran stated the EDIC needs to be measured when looking at the sustainability of Peter Pan’s business model and needs; maintaining awareness of the benefits of PP to the Falmouth community.

Simmler advised the next project will be to reconfigure the vestibule to allow patrons to stand indoors in the cold weather.

MOTION: Haney made a motion to permit Michael Galasso to re-sign the October 2016 Peter Pan Lease, as the original signed copy was misplaced. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Brooks Bartlett, Michael Galasso

Senator Vinny deMacedo, Plymouth and Barnstable,

The Senator voiced his support for the Mass Development Loan for the Open Cape Main Street project. deMacedo reminded the Board that the $80K State Budgeted Funding must be spent/ under contract by June 30th, or the funds will be lost/removed.

deMacedo spoke about Bond Bills as a way to identify and earmark State funding resources for an economic development organization.

Galasso shared the revised and approved $200K Mass Development loan agreement/terms. The interest rate went down a little. The loan officer is in the process of drafting the commitment letter.

MOTION: A motion was made by Moran to approve the Chair to execute the proposed loan terms/agreement and thereafter any documents required by our attorney pursuant to that authorization. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

A developer’s fee of $30K will be forthcoming to the EDIC, as well, a percentage of surcharges from Open Cape. The repayment guarantee by Open Cape of the $200K – the repayment source will be customer user fees.

Galasso will bring the final Open Cape agreement to the June Board Meeting.

Courtney Bird updated the Board on the committee’s efforts to bring high speed internet to the entire Town and residents of Falmouth. A flyer was created to communicate a meeting on subject with the Falmouth population. Bird believes a feasibility study is needed to access the needs of Falmouth – estimated at $50K. Funding for this will be explored.

Michael Galasso

Galasso updated the Board the project is moving forward. He advised that he heard that the Phase 1 is receiving more energy than projected. Moran to inquire/request this information.

Paul Burke

Burke requested permission to merge the money market accountants, as well as merging the small Bike Path account into the Falmouth Station account.

Burke requested permission to prepay recurring and utility bills, to avoid finance charges due to timing issues with payment via the warrant.

MOTION: Moran made a motion to approve the prepayment of recurring and utility invoices that incur finance charges. Galasso 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Burke presented the May 14th, 2019 warrant in the amount of $1465.95 and requested the Board to approve it for payment.

MOTION: Moran made a motion to approve the May 14th warrant in the amount of $14,656.95. Haney 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Galasso advised that the Station neighbor advised that the stone wall dividing the property is breaking down. He requested that Clipper Landscaping inspect and quote for repair.

Burke advised that Checking and Savings accounts total $556K currently. Money Markets are earning 1% interest. He suggested moving some funds into a 10-month CD for 2.2% interest.

MOTION: Moran made a motion to transfer $250K of the EDIC funds to 10-month CD with a higher interest with a warning of term end at 9 months. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Galasso asked Burke to research other products that might generate a financial benefit to the EDIC. Moran suggested this subject be delayed for the ED to investigate and incorporate into strategic planning.

Susan Moran

Moran advised that upon review minimal changes were determined. Moran/Land will bring the final draft to the June Board Meeting for approval by the Board.

Michael Galasso

Galasso stated that though much discussion has been had by this Board about the need for affordable workforce housing in Falmouth, little has been done to move this item forward. He requested that the EDIC make a contribution to Falmouth Affordable Housing Fund and the Board have a seat on the Working Group that helps allocate those funds.

Moran stated that there may be a conflict of interest for Galasso as his independent professional work is within this business type. Moran also questions if this is the best use of the EDIC efforts toward achieving the EDIC’s goals. She thinks the EDIC should be exploring this issue, partnering with local businesses and becoming a leader in putting ideas together – a grass roots economic development effort for business solutions.

It was agreed this subject would be continued once the new ED was hired.

9:44 am

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the April 9th, 2019 Meeting minutes. Bartlett 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

MOTION: Moran made a motion to approve the April 29th, 2019 Meeting minutes. Bartlett 2nd. Land and Galasso abstained. All the rest in favor. Approved.

Broderick advised of the Chamber of Commerce building/office information and presented a sheet of information. Use of the EDIC Office by Board Members will need to be scheduled if required.

Susan Moran, Patti Haney, Brooks Bartlett

Haney advised that 5 people were previously interviewed: a diverse and interesting group of people. The sub-committee reduced the group to two finalists: Michael DiGiano and Peter Franklin.

Both candidates recapped their professional history for the Board. The Board asked various questions, which the candidates responded to.

A Board discussion ensued about the candidates. A straw vote was taken: 4 votes for DiGiano and 2 votes for Franklin, the Chair abstained.

MOTION: A motion was made by Moran to make an offer of the Executive Director position to Michael DiGiano; subject to reference checks, availability of a start date, and without conflicts and a commitment to the required 20 working hours. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.


MOTON: Moran made a motion to adjourn the meeting session. Galasso 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

June 11, 2019,  8:30 am, Selectmen’s Meeting Room, Falmouth Town Hall


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