Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Land (C), Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Michael Galasso
Absent: Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Langlais (T), Brooks Bartlett

8:30 am
Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  

8:36 am
Chef John Marcellino

  • Would like to bring a small café to the Falmouth Station – providing food and beverages.
  • To be called the Station Grill.
  • Target start date – Memorial Day weekend.
  • Worked with Roche Bros. Supermarkets for 10 years.  Was with Whole Foods before this.
  • Working with the Health Dept. for solutions for a sink. 
  • Will invest about $30K for this project.
  • Would like financial assistance from the Falmouth EDIC for an indoor counter, sink, and picnic tables.
  • Plans to serve sandwiches, salads, drinks, ice cream and potentially grilled hot dogs and burgers.
  • Willing to commit for the next 4 four years; growing the business as time proceeds.
  • Would like to additionally sell local products, i.e. products, foods (cupcakes) and produce.

Bobbi Richards
Executive Director, Falmouth Housing Authority

  • Falmouth Housing Authority established in 1948.
  • Looking closely at all public housing structures in town.   There are 5 - 1 bedroom structures in Falmouth, housing 222 senior or vulnerable adults.  There are another 25 scattered sites – 2/3/4  bedrooms of single family homes.
  • Wants to improve 2 of these buildings that house 54 tenants.  None have generators or warming stations.  During the past winter storms, this was a problem.
  • Requesting $17K to install 2 generators at these problems.

Holly Wilson
Affordable Housing Committee

  • Affordable Housing Committee is requesting a loan to purchase land for an affordable housing project. Requesting that the Board appointment someone she can speak with regarding this project.
  • Michael Galasso volunteered to be the Board point person for this conversation.

Daniel Webb
Tech Park Business Owner & Board Member of Tech Park Association

  • Dan thinks the function of the EDIC should be long term economic development of the Tech Park for the Town of Falmouth, and not for the EDIC.
  • The property owners of the Tech Park are interested in the continuity of the Tech Park Agreement.
  • Dan stated he believes the EDIC entered into the Development Agreement to facilitate business growth in Falmouth.

8:45 am

Potential New Projects

Mentoring Program (Land):  A joint program with the Chamber of Commerce where established Businesses mentor new small businesses in Falmouth. Also, to solicit from local banks on creating small/ micro loans at favorable terms for these new businesses.  Fox reminded the Board that we need a stronger cash flow before disbursing any additional funds at this time. 

Revenue Generation

  • Galasso thinks a professional Executive Director should be hired to assist with implementing new programs.  He believes this person is necessary to move forward on new projects.
  • Fox advised the EDIC may be able to obtain a greater share of income from the Solar Fields if the EDIC can show specific needs/uses of the funds.
  • Simmler advised that there exists potential future revenue from the Station i.e. rent, advertising, events, parking, etc., but for the foreseeable future these funds will be needed to sustain the Station operating expenses.
  • Galasso suggests that the new Executive Director to have experience in managing grants and low interest loan money processes.  One of this person’s main responsibilities would be revenue generation.
  • Simmler inquired what we can do to generate revenue in the Tech Park.  Fox recommends the EDIC put their land out for lease immediately.
  • Co-Working Space (Simmler) – Suggested that the EDIC revisit the shared co-working space project.  Galasso advised that Mass Development has a program with money available to fund this. 
  • Galasso suggested that Chairman Land present to the Board of Selectmen the projects the EDIC would like to undertake in the next few years, with budget estimations.  The Chairman will provide this presentation at the June Board Meeting.

9:05 am

  • Laura Moynihan Esp. provided the signed Tech Park Development Agreement Extension document.
  • Fox suggested that a Tech Park property owner be recruited onto the EDIC Board.  Land suggested we send a note to the Tech Park residents requesting a volunteer to be on the EDIC Board.
  • Galasso restated that he thinks the EDIC has not met their responsibility at the Tech Park, and there is a need to continue the work on the Tech Park development.  Perhaps considering adding housing, food establishments, marketing, co-working space and other growth options.
  • Fox advised that Housing was not approved in the Tech Park intentionally by the Planning Board, due to the feedback and concern from business owners that there would not be any available land/space for them to operate in.
  • Galasso thinks the EDIC should assist by investigating and providing incentives to property owners and buyers to develop the Tech Park properties.
  • Galasso suggested the EDIC contact the Cape Cod Commission, their planning division, to see if they would look at the Tech Park to provide some ideas for development.

Chris Simmler

  • Simmler advised a spring cleanup was done at the Station.  A few more areas need work.
  • Monitors are fully operation. Now ready to solicit ads and inquires if the EDIC will have a policy for ad placement.
  • Peter Pan has not yet returned the signed lease.  Simmler is continuing to communicate with them regarding this.
  • An art display from the Falmouth Art Center is coming to the Falmouth Station.
  • Simmler asked if a motion was necessary to fund the $1,124 to pay for the mobile/independent sinks for the Falmouth Station cafe.
  • Galasso suggests that John Marcellino follow up with a Letter of Intent and a plan with visuals for the café.
  • Fox suggested that we just try to obtain operating costs for the cafe in the short term.  Need to first determine what will be affordable and reasonable going forward.
  • Galasso suggested a simple lease for the café.  Simmler to contact Laura Moynihan to create a lease for the café.
  • Land requested that Simmler put together a full presentation of materials, plans and expense for the next Board meeting.
  • Cinco de Mayo event went very well.
  • Fox advised Holly Wilson has volunteered to be part of the 501(c)3 for the Friends of Falmouth Station, along with him.
  • Holly advised that Sandy Coomey, the director of a 501(c)3 named “Together We Can” has agreed to allow the Friends of Falmouth Station to work under their non-profit umbrella until their own 501c3 is established.  Money was raised at the Cinco de Mayo event - $300.  This will be held by the “Together we Can” group until the Friends of Falmouth Station is organized and operational.  Holly said they need a storage pod.  Fox will report into Simmler for all activities and events planned at the Falmouth Station. 
  • Fox will present a proposal to the EDIC June Board meeting.

Jim Fox

  • The EDIC is still on the EverSource wait list for access to the pipeline. They will begin working on the EDIC application after completing the job they are currently working on.
  • There was much discussion about options on how to move this project forward.
  • Fox advised the Board of potential income and revenue to the Town of Falmouth and the EDIC when the next stage of solar fields are installed and operational.

Chris Langlais  
No update.

Chris Simmler

  • Langlais emailed copies of the financial data as of April 30, 2018.  Assets are $550K, with $498K in cash and $85K in real estate (cost value).  Liabilities are only for A/P in the amount of $4,125.36 and additional prepaid expense of $2,592.92.  Simmler passed along a paper copy to all Board Members.
  • Simmler made a motion to approve the Warrant for $8,343.21.  Fox 2nd.  All in favor. Approved.

Michael Galasso

Galasso advised that Open Cape and the Chamber of Commerce is on the street currently signing up the local businesses.  The goal is to obtain 40 contracts, which as that point a loan application will be presented to Mass Development for a loan of $250K to implement the project.

9:55 am


  •  Simmler made a motion to approve the February Board Meeting Minutes.  Fox 2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.
  • Simmler made a motion to approve the April Board Meeting Minutes.  Fox  2nd.  All in favor.  Approved.


  • Langlais has recommended a Treasurer nominee – a colleague from the Cape Cod 5 Bank.
  • The EDIC will contact the Tech Park Property Owners to solicit a volunteer.
  • Moran may have another recommended nominee.


No Guest Speakers identified.

Discuss Future Projects

10:05  Statement from Jim Fox:  Jim said he became involved with the EDIC primarily for the Solar Field Project.  He then realized he could make a difference if he got involved with the EDIC and the Station project.  He feels he accomplished his mission he wanted to, and as a team they’ve done a lot of great work.  Jim said he works full time and as well does other volunteer work and just needs cut back some of this work.  Jim thanked the Board for all the things he has learned along the way and said he’s enjoyed working with everyone on the Board. 

10:07 am

A motion was made by Fox to adjourn the meeting.  Simmler 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

Moved to Executive Session

May 12, 2018,  8:30am


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