Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Michael Galasso (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Langlais (T), Christopher Simmler (C), Jim Fox, Brooks Bartlett, Christopher Land

Having established a quorum, the chairman called the meeting to order.  



Laura Moynihan, Attorney at Law, Falmouth, MA

  • Laura distributed packets of documents: Falmouth Technology Park Development Agreement and the Town of Falmouth Permitted Uses for LIB District.
  • In 2006 the Development Agreement for the Tech Park was revamped with the CC Commission.  All mitigation items were completed in the Park.
  • Development Agreement was originally formed in 1993.  There were restrictions and protective covenants.  Trying to restrict to technology based park solely.  In 2014 the agreement was modified again to all Permitted Uses in Light Industrial B District except for certain uses that the EDIC agreed would not be permitted.  Laura reviewed the full list. The most significant item not permitted is Multi-Family dwellings.
  • The development agreement will expire in Feb. 2018.  Laura recommends that we enter into the Renewal Agreement found in the agreement - a 12 Year Extension. Laura believes the agreement is beneficial as it allows developers to avoid having to go to the CC Commission for review and permitting processes, and only local zoning processes will be required.  The EDIC will need to approach the CC Commission to renew the Development Agreement.
  • Moran asked the Board if there was anything they would like to change on the agreement, that they should incorporate.
  • Galasso advised only 50% of the park is built out.  Galasso would like to see incentives instituted to get owners to develop and improve their properties.  There exists a Mass Development Planning Grant that looks at the park and develops a master plan to develop it. 
  • Galasso will bring more information on the grant to the next board meeting.
  • Fox reminded everyone that all the land has been sold/purchased.  The FEDIC does not have complete control on development.
  • Laura Moynihan will contact the CC Commission to proceed with the renewal of the Development Agreement.
  • Moran suggested that Simmler contact the property owners in the Tech Park to ask for input regarding the Tech Park development.
  • Galasso inquired about the traffic studies.  Laura said they were at the Planning Office.  The agreement limits uses of trips per day.  
  • Water Lot is Lot 21. It is 4.8 acres.  2.34 acres is subject to Town’s easement.  2.5 acres can be developed.  It is zoned Public Use.  EDIC may want to consider applying for a rezoning – to LIB.  There is a significant draining easement on the plan - follows the lot lines.  Laura recommends the EDIC looks into getting this lifted.

Chris Simmler

  • Passed first threshold of Town Approvals.
  • Kiwi is attending the Selectmen Meeting on November 20th – due size of sign.
  • Final design docs were distributed to the Board
  • Once the plan is approved by the Selectmen, production is to begin immediately.  Estimated completion of project to be mid-December.
  • $17,197 is the projected expense for the project.

Lynne Broderick, Chris Simmler

  • New yellow lines are to be painted onto the front and rear steps that are experiencing tripping hazards.  It will be an annual application and expense.
  • Ordered and received the Library bookcase.
  • Mold under hand dryers is still an issue.  Kevin Lima to attempt to resolve with new grouting.
  • Orange Barrel of mortar sealant is still there.  DPW did not take it.  Need to find a place to store it for the winter.  Broderick to approach the DPW again to ask them to take it, for Town use.
  • Mortar around faucet was not done well.  To be repaired by Kevin Lima.
  • No update on the Falmouth History Board – B. Weyand has been dealing with a family member illness.  She said she would get back to us as soon as she could.
  • Falmouth Mirror & Glass is replacing the Men’s Room Mirror – due to vandalization of it.
  • The TV Monitors are being worked on to become operational by Jessica Fox.  She is interning with Chris Simmler and some of the EDIC activities.
  • Galasso inquired about new artwork, and holiday decorations at the Station.  Fox suggested decorating the Pot Belly Stove. Galasso would like the artwork to change seasonally; 4x a year.
  • An RFP was issued for the Station Grounds Maintenance – to 6/7 local firms.  Received two proposals – one from Clover Landscape and one from Clipper Landscape.  Simmler recommends we retain Clipper based on their better proposal.
  • Simmler will speak to Clipper regarding Snow Plowing maintenance and costs.
  • Simmler, Broderick, Fox and Langlais are continuing work on compiling operational expenses.
  • Simmler made a motion to accept the Clipper Landscaping proposal for a yearly grounds maintenance program at the Falmouth Station in the amount of $4,965 beginning Dec. 1, 2017.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Galasso said the grounds maintenance should be included into the Peter Pan rent – as part of complete operating costs.
  • Land inquired the Board if they would consider adding Security Monitoring at the Station?  Land suggests it’s a deterrent feature.  Broderick to check into options and expense.
  • Remaining station benches – DPW offered to refinish the benches if the EDIC would donate them for Town use.  The Board agreed to keep 3-4 for the Station and have the same Carpenter do them in the spring.  It was agreed that the DPW will need to refinish the benches the EDIC donates before placing them.  The EDIC will attach “donated by EDIC” tags to the benches.
  • Fox and Galasso went on Falmouth Public TV to speak about the Station being used for Public Events.  Bill Nies suggested that Falmouth Station take part in the Falmouth Stroll on December 2, 2017.  The trolley buses will stop at the Station.  Suggest Christmas Choir and refreshments for the visitors.  Holiday decorations will be put up at the Station for the event.  Bill thinks the Arts Alive in June, and the jazz fest in September would be nice events to consider being included with this coming year.
  • Bartlett made a motion to approve a Falmouth Station Events Committee (of 3).  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Fox made a motion to appoint Bill Nies as Chairman of the Falmouth Station Events Committee.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Land made a motion to provide $750 for holiday decorations, Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Land made a motion to approve $500 for event refreshments, Langlais 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Land made a motion to add Anne Connolly to the Events Committee.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.

Jim Fox

  • There are no further incentives to develop the landfill. 
  • New package is based solely on the amount of energy; based on 2 components:  1.  Rent - $12K a megawatt, and 2. Town taxes.  A very modest package.
  • All power goes back into the Grid.
  • Citizens is working on a Phase 2 plan to build out the last 2 megawatts.
  • EDIC would not need to make any initial investment to begin development on Phase 2. 
  • Fox estimates that the EDIC would receive $24k a year in rent.  And Citizens Energy would be paying about the same in Town taxes.
  • Galasso said he would like to see Citizen’s Energy plan.  Fox to attempt to obtain it.

Chris Langlais  
No update.

Chris Langlais

  • George Malloy advised that he approached Roselli, Clark & Assoc. and negotiated on behalf of the EDIC.  He obtained a proposal for a 3-year contract at $5K per year (not to exceed).  Down from $6-10K per year.  It will include an audited financial statement. The Auditor will present results to the Board at the end of the fiscal year.  Malloy thinks this is a good proposal and recommends that the EDIC accepts it.  Langlais agreed.
  • A motion was made by Chris Langlais to accept the proposal from Roselli, Clark & Assoc.  Moran 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Langlais presented the financials as of October 31, 2017.  Total assets are $1.725M, include $1.165M in real estate, $505K in cash.  
  • Liabilities are $14,862.97K for AP and $1,631.87 in Prepaid expense.
  • Langlais presented the warrant for $16,494,.84.
  • Galasso requested that we reorganize the format of the financial reports.  Langlais to have accountant do this.
  • A motion was made by Moran to approve the warrant.  Brooks 2nd.  All in favor.  Passed.
  • Galasso requested an Operating Budget for the Falmouth Station and a 2018 Operating Budget for the EDIC Corporation.

Brooks Bartlett

  • Downtown Survey – has not been completed.  Communication issues.  Still working on it.
  • Individual Service connection fee for upgraded service is $1,200. 
  • Super high-speed connection fee is $3,500.  WHOI and Falmouth Hospital use this service.
  • Brooks will continue to peruse and research.

Michael Galasso

To be continued at the next board meeting.


A.    ISSUE REQUEST TO HIRE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - to be continued to the next board meeting.

B.     APPROVE LAST MEETING MINUTES – to be done at the next board meeting.


A motion was made by Moran to adjourn the regular board meeting and move to Executive Session.  Fox 2nd.  Each Board Member stated their name and said “Aye”.  All in favor.  Passed.

December 12, 2017, 8:30am


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