Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Simmler (C), Paul Burke (T), Michael Galasso, Brooks Bartlett

ABSENT: Christopher Land (C)

10:08 am
Having established a quorum, the vice -chairwoman called the meeting to order. 

10:08 am


Laura Moynihan, Attorney at Law,

  • Moynihan provided an overview of the Falmouth Tech Park Development Agreement (DA) and the position of the Cape Cod Commission (CCC) regarding same.

  • The CCC granted a 3-year extension to the DA, basing the extension on equity and fairness as some owners said they were unaware of the DA.

  • The position of the CCC is that this was a reasonable amount of time to allow the Property Owners in the Tech Park to take advantage of any of the development benefits.

  • Moynihan does not believe the CCC will extend the current agreement a 2nd time.

  • Creating a new DA would be very involved, would take approximately a year and would be very expensive.

  • CCC thinks that the DA is now obsolete and has served its’ initial purpose. DA’s are created to develop an entire subdivision, not to assist with redevelop of individual lots.

  • Questions exist as to what the public benefit is, if any at all exist.

  • Unsure if formal notice of the DA Extension was sent to the Property Owners by the CC, however, Moynihan advised that formal notice of the CCC hearing on the subject was sent to all Owners by the CCC.

  • Moran requested certified letters to be sent by the FEDIC with the DA Extension document to Owners and Tenants.

  • Galasso suggested to try again to meet with the Tech Park Owners and Tenants to see what they foresee for future development opportunities.

  • Moran advised that the CCC regulations are less restrictive now than what was in place when the DA was originated, and should be much easier for individual Property Owners to manage a development process with them.

  • Moran asked Moynihan to create a letter from the FEDIC of relevant questions/topics for consideration to assist the FEDIC to determine next steps.

  • Moynihan to have another discussion with CCC about the attainability of a new DA.

  • Moran cited the Board needs to learn what options are available before discussing with the Tech Park Owners.

Dan Webb, Tech Park Business and Land Owner

  • Webb said the DA is a long-standing attribute to the Tech Park community.

  • Vacant lots, expansion, redevelop or change purpose would be very daunting to the small business owners to deal with CCC.

  • Webb stated the land owners were not disinterested in the DA, and are very interested in retaining the DA.

  • Said the Owners were hoping for something from the FEDIC, other than being left on their own after the 3-year extension is up.

  • Moran not perceive the FEDIC going forward with researching and funding this endeavor without the help and engagement from the Tech Park community and owners.

  • Webb requested questions to be brought to the Tech Park Owners to consider.

  • Galasso stated the EDIC is only halfway thru the development process and should live up to the agreement

MOTION: Moran made a motion that Atty. Moynihan draft a letter to the Tech Park Owners and Tenants from the FEDIC communicating options available regarding the Development Agreement and soliciting ideas/suggestions and comments within the parameters/options allowed by the Commission. Once a cumulative response from the Tech Park community is received by the Falmouth EDIC, then a general meeting to discuss the subject will be scheduled. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

  • The Ad policy was reviewed, and a discussion on how sensitive political and religious issues would be handled. It was agreed that each Ad would be reviewed by Simmler and considered carefully before approving it. The Ad policy will be expanded and/or modified as determined and warranted.

MOTION: Bartlett made a motion to approve the Ad Policy and Pricing as presented. Galasso 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Simmler highlighted points on The Station Grill lease, in particular, the rental payments on a bell curve scale to accommodate seasonality/ Grill business revenue. Galasso requested an addition to lease state that all signage must be approved by the Falmouth EDIC in advance.

MOTION: Simmler made a motion to accept The Station Grill lease with an added provision that all signage must be first approved by the Falmouth EDIC. Bartlett 2nd. All in favor. Approved.


Moran suggested to postpone discussion for a future meeting, but in the meantime all Board Members contribute thoughts to modifying the statement. Broderick to send an email to compile suggestions.

Chris Land

To be continued at a future meeting.

Land suggested an occasional extra meeting and focus more time on specific topics in mid-winter time periods. Broderick to organize with board members for possible dates for an off-cycle meeting before the end of the year.

11:08 am

MOTION: Simmler made a motion to approve the October 13, 2018 Board Meeting minutes. Burke 2nd. All others in favor. Approved.

11:09 am

  • Simmler to bring designs for boardwalk crossover connection from bikeway path. Moran suggested that Simmler contact the Bikeway Committee and invite them into conversation.

  • CIVIQ Smartscapes - Interactive kiosk to present in November.

  • Tech Park development and DA should be focused on in near the future.

  • Brooks Bartlett to research into availability for a Strategic Planning Lunch Meeting at the Woods Hole Club and will advise on dates.

11:10 am

November 13, 2018,  10:00 am


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