Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Land (C), Susan Moran (VC), Christopher Simmler (C), Paul Burke (T), Michael Galasso, Brooks Bartlett

8:30 am
Having established a quorum, the vice -chairwoman called the meeting to order. 

8:30 am

8:48 am
Suzanne Fay Glynn, Attorney at Law ,
Pro Bono Legal Work - Friends of Falmouth Station

  • Jim Fox approached in summer of 2017 to assist with starting a non-profit 501(c)3 organization “Friends of Falmouth Station”. The purpose to raise funds to preserve and maintain the Falmouth Station, and preserving the history of the Falmouth railway station.

  • Glynn detailed the procedure: 1. To file Articles of Incorporation. 2. File an application for Non-Profit status. 3. File online with the IRS a 1023EZ form – file fee $275 - turnaround time is 4-6 months. Non-profit status is not effective until the IRS reviews and approves the application.

  • Contributions made to the organization before the IRS approval are still tax deductible, assuming the application will be approved, fundraising activities can take place during the waiting period.

  • All forms are identified, and Glynn advised they are ready to proceed.

  • Fox is to source the Tax ID Number with an Accountant.

  • Glynn requests the Fiscal Year for the organization, as well as the Officers of the corporation. Jim Fox – President, Holly Wilson – Secretary, Willian Nies – Clerk.

  • The Friends of Falmouth Station will be a totally separate legal entity from the Falmouth EDIC.

  • Land suggested the FEDIC appointment board members so that EDIC Board Members do not have to do double duty on both boards, and to ensure appropriate leadership and direction.

  • Galasso asked for the Bylaws and a Mission Statement. Glynn to work with Fox to provide at the November board meeting.

  • Simmler requested that all changes to the Station must be approved by the FEDIC.

  • Moran inquired if there would be separate insurance for the FFS. Jim Fox will research and advise. Galasso requested that FEDIC is listed as additional insured.

  • Moran inquired how the donated funds will be held in the interim before application approvals. Glynn advised once Articles of Inc. are approved and a Tax ID is issued, the FFS can set up a bank account. The FFS will be responsible for their own accounting practices.

  • Moran recognized and stated the FEDIC Board’s appreciation for the donation of her time and effort for this endeavor.

  • Fox advised he wants to host parties/events and raise money to eventually provide a train caboose for the Falmouth Station. He will keep the FEDIC Board involved with the major decision making – as much or as little interaction as the FEDIC wants or requires.

  • Glynn to submit application for Articles of Inc. and the 1023EZ.

  • Simmler volunteered to be on the Board of Directors for FFS. Galasso will consider.

  • Bill Nies advised of FFS participating in the Jazz Stroll in October, in December the Falmouth Christmas Stroll, and in May - the Nat’l RR Day and Cinco de Mayo is being considered.

8:54 Patti Haney, Applicant for FEDIC Board of Director Position

  • Moved to Falmouth in 1991.

  • Was the Director for the Falmouth Service Center for 10 years.

  • Falmouth Community Preservation Committee for 10 years.

  • Served on the Falmouth Housing Authority for 22 years.

  • She serves as the Chair of Samaritans of the Cape and the Islands.

  • Knows a lot about State and Federal Regulations.

  • Moran stated she thinks Patti has a lot to offer the board in terms of her experience.

  • Galasso stated Patti is a very dedicated servant of the community Town and would be a great addition to the Board.

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to accept the application of Patti Haney to the FEDIC Board, and for an interview by the Town of Selectmen. Moran 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Christin Marshall, Executive Director of CC Chapter, E for All,

  • It is economic development for Entrepreneurship programs.

  • It offers Pitch Contests and Business Accelerator Program. Free to entrepreneurs.

  • Brooks and Lynne investigated and were interested in bringing a Pitch Contest to Falmouth, however, the $10K expense was more than the Board could approve last fall.

  • Program came to Cape Cod as of July of 2018. Put together the first pitch contest here - 21 businesses applied to pitch.

  • Accelerator Program is for any type of businesses, but all early stage businesses. If accepted, they are led thru 2 classes a week to teach them the things they need to know to be a successful business promote.

  • Pitch Contest sponsorship is $5,000 for prizes and operational costs.

  • Marshall thought a Falmouth pitch contest in January may be a good time.

  • Space must accommodate 100 people. May be donated, if not, space would be an added expense.

  • Marshall to advise of a 2 possible dates and venues for the FEDIC Board to consider. Will coordinate with Bartlett.


  • Fox to follow up with Frank Duffy on if there exists a Conflict of Interest in him representing the FEDIC property for lease or sale.

  • Broderick advised she will post all properties for sale or lease on the FEDIC website when verified, as well as a locator map of all businesses located in the Tech Park.

  • Land inquired as to permitted uses and zoning. Broderick advised it is LIB.

  • Fox discussed FEDIC property in the Tech Park and Raymond Park and thoughts for use or donation, or transfer of development rights.

  • Galasso advised that though LIB is zoned for multi-family residential, the CCC Development Agreement prohibits it. The EDIC should be talking to the Town about parcels that abut the park.

  • Moran thinks the EDIC should have a schedule or a plan with or thru the CCC for the Tech Park. The EDIC should continue to try to reach out to the owners of the Tech Park. A quarterly mailing to the residents updating them on our discussions and plans. Land suggested a summary of this meetings discussion should be emailed to Tech Park owners and businesses.

  • Moran suggested a joint meeting with Selectmen and EDIC to discuss plans for development for the Tech Park.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

John Marcellino, Falmouth Grill Proprietor,

  • Presentation of Summer Review and Business Plan for the Falmouth Grill.

  • Marcellino reviewed capital investments of FEDIC and of his, as well summer traffic and patron segmentation.

  • The Station Grill has a 5 Star Yelp Review.

  • Marcellino dvised it was a summer of learning the business, traffic patterns, patrons and a menu that appeals to the customers.

  • Showed list of best-selling items and detailed some changes to the menu for next summer. As well he detailed his marketing and capital initiatives plan.

  • Reported summer quarter gross sales of $19,260.

  • Marcellino said he acts as an Ambassador to the Falmouth Station and Falmouth. Courtesy, offering welcome and friendliness is a primary focus of his business model.

  • Marcellino advised that the lack of air-conditioning caused his equipment to break down 6 times this summer. As well, the lack of a bridge or walkway over the RR tracks is causing a decrease in the Falmouth Grill business. He requests the FEDIC to consider adding these items to the Falmouth Station building / property.

  • Marcellino advised he would like to open a small gift store within the Falmouth Station next year.

  • Marcellino said he was pleased with the results of the summer operation. He felt the public was very responsive and positive. Though it has not been profitable to him, he believes it will be as time goes on. It will take 2-3 years to fully develop the business. He thanked the FEDIC for the opportunity and looks forward to working together in the future.

  • Land requested Simmler to provide at the next meeting points of priority items to further develop the Falmouth Station and Falmouth Grill.

MOTION: Simmler made a motion that all signage and branding at the Falmouth Station be reviewed and approved by the sub-committee. Moran 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Broderick recommended that we cancel trash removal service with Republic and hire Cavossa due to the high added fees that Republic has been charging.

MOTION: Brooks made a motion to terminate trash removal service with Republic Waste Service and to hire Cavossa for same service. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Passed.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso advised that Eversource is reviewing the interconnection agreement.

  • Galasso advised that Eversource is waiting to hear from the Town of Falmouth regarding if the wind turbines will remain operating – as this will affect cost. Moran questions how interrelated these items are, as she has had conversations that studies can be done with existing numbers, as not to delay timing for the project. Pricing could then later be adjusted if/when the turbines become non-operational.

No update.

Paul Burke

  • Burke advised $250K was moved into a 1% money market savings. Suggested the Board think about a 10-month CD – 2%.

  • Galasso mentioned that Mass Development is offering a program called Commonwealth Place. Matches up to 50% thru a Go Fund Me page. Simmler advised they approved the bridge/connection from the bikeway to the Falmouth Station. Simmler to provide information to Jim Fox.

  • Galasso would like to see FEDIC funds gain a better return. He will contact Jeanine, the l

  • Burke advised total of all assets in checking and several CD’s are $498,784.34. Burke to speak to Chris Langlais to consider consolidation of some of the accounts.

MOTION: Moran made a motion for Paul Burke to be a 2nd signatory on checks $5,000 and greater. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Passed.

  • Burke referred to the Sept. 30th financial statements and Oct. 11th warrant.

MOTION: Moran made a motion to approve the October 9, 2018 warrant in the amount of $7,246.73. Burke 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Michael Galasso

  • Brooks advised they received state funds for $80K. The economic development bill for $200 was approved but will be arriving in pieces.

  • Planning for an update meeting before the end of the month.

Michael Galasso
No update

Michael Galasso
Galasso has not received any responses to his emails inquiring the EDIC application.

Chris Land

To be continued at a future meeting.


  • Broderick advised that a final version of the Bylaws was approved in April 2007 at the EDIC Board Meeting has not been located and is not on file with the Town. Atty. Moynihan recommends that the Board vote on the last version identified (3rd) and then form a committee to review these bylaws. If changes are required, she will work with the sub-committee to update and restate a new bylaws document.

  • Moran asked Broderick to obtain suggestions from Atty. Moynihan for review at the next board meeting, to begin the process.

Land suggested an occasional extra meeting and focus more time on specific topics in mid-winter time periods. Broderick to organize with board members for possible dates for an off-cycle meeting before the end of the year.

To be continued at a future meeting.

10:25 am

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the September 11, 2018 Board Meeting minutes. Moran abstained. Simmler 2nd. All others in favor. Approved.

10:25 am

  • Lauren Barker, CEO, Cape Cod Young Professionals - December.

  • Simmler suggested Civiq for November. Hot spot kiosk with touch screens for the public to use to check for weather, bus chedules, taxi telephone numbers, events, selfies, etc.

10:27 am

MOTION: Moran made a motion to adjourn. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

October 30, 2018,  10:00 am


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