Meeting Minutes


Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Falmouth, MA

Christopher Land (C), Christopher Simmler (C), Paul Burke (T), Michael Galasso
Absent: Susan Moran (VC), Brooks Bartlett

8:35 am
Having established a quorum, the vice -chairwoman called the meeting to order.  

8:35 am

8:36 am

Paul Burke

  • Burke referred to the September 11th financial statements and warrant.

  • MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the August 14, 2018 warrant in the amount of $10,591.09. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the September 11, 2018 warrant in the amount of $12,613.26. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Burke reviewed interest rates on current bank accounts. He advised of a new program for registered nonprofits. The FEDIC Money Market account is currently .3% and he can recode it immediately into a 1% Money Market.

  • Advised of an 11-month CD that pays out at 2% interest.

  • MOTION: Galasso made a motion that an amount of $250K to be moved to a 1% Money Market Account. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Burke presented new bank paperwork to be signed by some of the board members, due to Langlais leaving the Board as Treasurer, and Burke joining the Board as same.

  • Galasso inquired as to the signing procedures for large dollar value checks. Burke to investigate with accountant and advise at the next meeting.

  • Burke left the meeting at this time due to another appointment.

8:48 am
Jim Fox, Chairman, Falmouth Planning Board

  • Reviewed and showed a PPT presentation for Form Based Code – a land development regulation.

  • Town of Falmouth Planning Board is looking into this new type of development plan.

  • Physical form of buildings – shapes, size and style vs. separation of uses.

    Mashpee Commons used this type of code plan for design.

  • It’s a regulation and not a guideline.

  • Form based code is shape driven and not formula driven as conventional coding is done.

  • The Planning Board will be discussing it. It may be a few years before the Board will vote on it.

Bob Clark, Resident of Falmouth

  • Built, owns and manages the Falmouth Social Security Office in the Falmouth Tech Park.

  • His family business office has been in the Tech Park for 10 years. Built, owns and manages many properties mainly for the General Services Administration, and the government.

  • It is important that energy and power is not lost to these government agencies during emergencies, which is why he has partnered with Catalyze and Autonomous Energy.

James Geshwiler, Co- Founder and COO, Catalyze Inc.

  • A new type of co-developer with commercial real estate for renewable energy.

  • Working with Bob Clark on Social Security Administrative property in Falmouth Tech Park.

  • In their view the Grid is at a pivotal point of changing; moving from large centralized plants to energy sources right on the edge of properties i.e. solar and batteries.

  • This will ensure more efficient use, resiliency and higher value from energy source.

  • This will also change the value of the real estate.

  • Catalyze works exclusively with medium – large sized commercial real estate groups to look at value on their property.

  • The goal is to transform their properties into being much more virtual utilities - renewable and resilient with a combination of assets that are all software intelligently controlled.

  • In will unlock grid congestion.

  • They are in collaboration with Eversource on another community microgrid – awarded a state grant to design.

  • This is a modern grid that avoids upgrades.

  • Catalyze is a data analytics platform company. Also does development from origination to operation. They finance and control the assets and co-own with the commercial real estate group.

  • Possibly could collaborate with Citizens Energy regarding future development of Falmouth Solar Field.

  • Revenue is generated via a modest development fee and long-term revenue streams shared with the property owners to operate the grid.

Chris Simmler

  • Jim Fox advised all power generated at the Falmouth Solar Park is used by the Town of Falmouth.

  • Fox reviewed all properties owned by the Falmouth EDIC – 5 properties in total. 3 in the Tech Park and 2 lots in Raymond Park.

  • The Raymond Park properties are wooded and zoned residential. There is no available access to them; they are totally cut off.

  • Value for Raymond Park lots could potentially come from the transfer of development rights to the 300 Committee.

  • The Town of Falmouth has an easement on the Water Tower property in the Tech Park. The remainder of this lot is of value and is develop-able.

  • Fox was unable to share ideas on developing / leasing the FEDIC property as Fox has a 1 year waiting period before being able to do business with the FEDIC. He is confirming this with Town council.

  • Galasso inquired about specifics for access to easement to be able to use the water tower for potential cell service equipment.

Chris Simmler, Lynne Broderick

  • Broderick directed the Board to review the Station Update sheet – detailing recent activities.

  • Broderick advised the TV Monitors via the Rise Software and Carol McLeod Design has been updated, developed and is ready for advertisers. Requested permission for a 3rd TV to be purchased and installed in the main sitting area of the Station.

  • Ad Policy and Ad Pricing Drafts to be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting.

  • Simmler asked that Board review Station Grill lease document for voting at next meeting.

  • Galasso would like John Marcellino to invest more resources into building out and developing the Grill, and requested he provide a business plan.

  • Galasso thinks the FEDIC needs to take advantage of the vacant lot that is exempt from zoning. He has 2 ideas for development: workforce housing and a co working space.

  • Jim Fox advised he is still working on forming a 501C3 organization - the Friends of Falmouth Station. It will be made up of 3 Officers and a Board of Directors. He and Holly Wilson will be two of the officers. He suggested the EDIC be the Board of Directors. The Glynn’s are working on the legal documents – for no charge. Plan to create the corporation in October. There will be a $500 application fee required by the IRS. The goal of the organization is to preserve the historic use of the building and to run fundraising events to support the Falmouth Station. He will request a vote from the board at the next meeting to proceed.

  • Galasso suggested the Friends of Falmouth Station Board consist of 5 Board Member – 3 from the FEDIC and 2 from outside appointments. Galasso requested an Articles of Organization and a draft of the Bylaws for the next meeting.

  • Land commented that he liked the idea of the EDIC Board being the appointing authority, but not necessarily board members, as there would be dual fiduciary. He felt 3 board members from the FEDIC were not necessary, the primary issue is that the FEDIC appoint the Director.

  • MOTION: Galasso made a motion that the Board endorse the concept of creating the non-profit, and at the next meeting Fox to bring the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso advised that Citizens Energy is in the process of submitting the application for Phase 2.

  • One of the things that is defining the cost is that the 2 turbines in Town are thought to currently up and running by Citizens Energy. They are not. Citizens Energy has not been formally notified that the Town plans to dismantle them and take them out of the grid.

  • When evaluating the phase 2 project costs, Eversource considers and includes the energy generated that was coming from the turbines – energy that was going into the grid. Therefore, the cost for the upgrade and the energy calculations are compounded due to the inclusion of the turbines as currently operational.

  • The Town Manager has been asked to provide an official letter advising Eversource that the turbines are no longer operational and to remove them from phase 2 calculations for power and renewal energy.

Zachary Farkes, Chairman, Project Developer, Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.

  • Proposing a 7-megawatt solar project of 22 acres, located on 70 acres owned by Lawrence Lynch Corp in Falmouth. A former gravel pit.

  • Their challenge is that solar in that area is not zoned for solar – Industrial C.

  • Met with Town Meeting and Planning Board. Rezoning was defeated due to public concern about if the solar was not built, what other uses could be put in that area zoned as Industrial C. At that time Borrego was uncertain as to if the land would be approved for

  • Borrego is now certain that solar will be built if land can be rezoned to Industrial C.

  • Borrego is a national business and is extremely capable of developing this project.

  • Will pay a half million dollars to upgrade to utilities to upgrade the distribution line; improving the backbone of the circuit.

  • Zack asked the EDIC Board to assist with moving this project forward.

  • It will take 4-6 months to build. It will be quiet renewable energy for 20-30 years.

  • There are 2 big revenue streams to the Town of Falmouth: taxes - approx. $155K per year, no expense to the Town. Secondly, an Anchor Offtake to be offered to the Town of Falmouth – a 15% Discount - estimated at $120K-$160K a year in savings.

  • Zack suggested they may downsize their project so there will not be any negative financial effect to the Phase 2 EDIC project at the Solar Field in Falmouth.

No update.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso advised the legislative group was able to obtain approval for $80K for the Main Street upgrade into the budget. And another $200K was approved in the economic development bill. All 280K for the project will be covered by these funds.

  • To obtain the $200K there will be a need to float some bonds. Galasso not sure of the timing.

  • Galasso has asked Mass Development to consider providing a short-term loan should the $200K from the State be delayed in receipt.

  • Galasso advised he’d have more information by the October board meeting.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso provided proposals for generator installation from local provider Mike Duffany for 2 locations – Choate Road and Salt City housing facilities.

  • Galasso proposed a loan to the Falmouth Housing Authority to install these generators to these state senior citizen housing properties, to ensure they have warming centers during the winter months.

  • Bobbi Richards apologized that she did not bring to this meeting evidence of financial ability to repay a loan but assured the Board they are able to do so and will provide the appropriate documentation.

  • Bobbi Richards inquired as to the terms and conditions of the proposed loan i.e. interest rate and number of years.

  • Galasso made a motion that the loan to the Falmouth Housing Authority have a rate of 3%, amortized over 5 years. The cost of the EDIC Attorney fees and loan note will be included in the loan. Moran 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

  • Bobbi Richards will bring these proposed loan terms for 2 generators, one for each property, to the DHCD, the State, and the Falmouth Housing Board for their approval.

  • Final approval will be voted on by the EDIC Board at a future meeting.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso has not recently communicated with the Falmouth Housing Authority ED regarding the loan documents.

  • Further discussion to be postponed until the October meeting.

Michael Galasso

  • Galasso advised he requested an update on the application via email. He is hopeful to have a response by the next meeting.

  • Galasso said the search sites for consideration will include the land available at the Falmouth Station.

Chris Land

To be continued at a future meeting.

To be continued at a future meeting.

To be continued at a future meeting.

To be continued at a future meeting.

10:14 am


MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the July 10th, 2018 Board Meeting minutes. Simmler 2nd. All others in favor. Approved.

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to approve the Executive Session July 17th, 2018 Board Meeting minutes. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

10:16 am

  • Galasso requested that the EDIC Bylaws be obtained and reviewed.

  • Galasso would like a follow-up information from the Winter Retreat of 2016 regarding the Board’s direction and the hiring of an Executive Director.

  • Simmler suggested a discussion to implement more frequent or specific meetings to maintain traction on projects.

10:18 am

MOTION: Galasso made a motion to adjourn. Simmler 2nd. All in favor. Approved.

October 9, 2018,  8:30 am


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